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The bunker is back while 8kun fixes its stability issues

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File: 1574205009557.png (115.67 KB, 512x512, v_logo.png)

5284b No.157277[Reply]

A reminder that the Infinity Cup will be kicking off this Friday, November 22nd, at 12PM Central, 1PM Eastern, 18:00 UTC. All games will be streamed at https://cytu.be/r/8cup. Your team's schedule for the Group Stage of the tournament is as follows:
>November 23rd @ /monster/ - 12 CST, 1EST, 18:00 UTC
>November 29th @ /ita/ - 1:30 CST, 2:30 EST, 19:30 UTC
>November 30th vs /test/ - 3 CST, 4 EST, 21:00 UTC
Remember to tune in and bring your fellow anons for some classic divegrass action.
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dd94d No.186588

File: 1576267354026.gif (187.71 KB, 670x473, happeningbunker.gif)

File: 1575598940130.webm (819.19 KB, 1280x720, Merry Christmas!.webm)

5ca69 No.179705[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I need a list of issues for 8chan, let me know what issues you're having so ron can fix them. Even shit like "/v/ runs slow" is fine. Just list the issues you're currently having with the site.
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43444 No.186581

Images aren't loading, at least for me.
Also do you have the list of boards that will be migrated?

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File: 1575651480831.png (257.64 KB, 1024x768, TF2V.png)

2f32e No.180348[Reply]

>What is it?
TF2 but without hats or any other gay shit (there was a LOT of it) and up to Mann-conomy update.
>Why play it?
TF2 without hats is a gud team game.
>Why not TF2 with stock-only plugin/TF2007/some other derivative?
TF2's filesize is around 22 GB at the time. TF2V is 4.6 GB. As for TF2007, it's made on Facepunch. Rather than entertaining a Facepunch mod (or whatever else, for that matter), let's try to salvage what we can from what used to be an 8/v/ project that we've had many good game nights with.


https://www.moddb.com/mods/team-fortress-2-vintage/downloads/team-fortress-2-vintage-35r-full - game (4.6 gb)


time.is/EST - doublecheck the time

Main thread for the game is on julay, which we'll mainly be updating.
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f95ba No.186379

The first one is the same exact link to the moddb download link (except that, in moddb, the download rate is as fast as someone taking a piss with 50 kidney stones stored in their urethra).
So just use any type of chrome to download the client on that.

2f32e No.186569



f3508 No.186575

still waiteng

b95fb No.186597

hey buddy how about that robi server
You know the one that is supposed to not be located in siberia?
cyka blyat

809dc No.186600

File: 1576161187034.png (359 KB, 620x800, 553cae896e62edb951cfedd27b….png)

be531 No.184440[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

8/v/ is up and the GG thread there is currently getting more activity:
If vch is down but you have technical problems posting on 8kun, gather at the the smuglo.li 8kun thread and try to get help. Similarly if both vch and 8kun are down entirely we can organize what bunker to use there:
>Ron said that "Phase 2" of migration will be skipped. That was when unclaimed boards could be claimed by anons, does this mean boards with missing board owners will be deleted? Anons are seeking clarification/revision.
>Hiro's lawsuit against Jim is still ongoing
>8chan namedropped in the show "Evil"
>Cripple emailing people about 2ch in relation to 8chan
>Gamergate is now 5 years old
>Farmers Insurance Group pulled a seven-figure advertising deal with G/O Media this week amid increasingly public turmoil between the digital-media company’s management and editorial staff: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/deadspin-reporter-fired-after-private-equity-owners-ask-newsroom-stick-sports http://archive.md/U9byA
>Alex Jones suing The Young Turks and Brianna Wu for libel
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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01052 No.186590

File: 1576267488703-0.png (418.78 KB, 1024x768, Archive jDVS3.png)

File: 1576267488703-1.png (538.98 KB, 1024x768, Archive gEqEB.png)

It begins. Democracy didn't go the way they wanted, so Antifa is salty and throwing a temper-tantrum by democratically turning over trash bins on Downing Street.

Nigger. Both (you) and him.

0e4a1 No.186592

Ah yes, the bane of every trash can: Antifa.

5c1a5 No.186593

I've been watching a stream on youtube, Brit antifa is peaceful compared to the American ones. I haven't seen them trying to burn and destroy their own city at all.

be531 No.186595

File: 1576268237487.png (68.87 KB, 592x1129, prostasia hotlines art.png)

Private CP reporting hotlines are forwarding reports of non-CP content, such as drawings, to foreign governments.

>Internet reporting hotlines are censoring art

A guy who runs an internet host for an art blog in the UK was arresting for hosting panels from an award-winning comic book about child abuse, while the book itself is freely available for sale:
>In November 2019, the UK-based host of an art blog was arrested for hosting child pornography due to the blog’s inclusion of two panels of comic strips in a long and academic discussion about the line between legitimate art and child pornography. The panels in question were from a Ignatz Award-nominated semi-autobiographical comic Daddy’s Girl by Debbie Dreschler, and they depict her own experiences of incestual child sexual abuse. We have been unable to confirm whether the IWF was involved in the arrest of the man, who writes:
>Do I have the right to tell Debbie that her work is now child pornography? It probably took her 20 years to drum up the courage to put her feelings down on paper and now 20 years on with the book still freely available some IT technician has decided that he does not like a picture from that book.

a840b No.186599

The hero we don't deserve or want

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File: 1576132246595.jpg (201.12 KB, 666x374, shovel-knight-king-of-card….jpg)

58a76 No.184312[Reply]

Anyone else playing this?
I thought it would be boring, but knig knight's moveset flows nicely, and making him a punk-ass kid beating the shit out of people so he can be the best at yu-gi-oh is surprisingly endearing
The not-smash multiplayer mode also has a retarded amount of unlocks, but I don't think the gameplay's deep enough to justify playing it that long even if you actually have friends
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58a76 No.186363

Well there's that weird spinoff game they're making with another studio
If different gameplay and levels don't change a game enough for you, then maybe a slightly expanded rehash of the original basic shovel knight moveset in a different context and engine will be better somehow

cbdc8 No.186377

Leddit spacing is after every period, nigger

58a76 No.186382

Reddit's formatting must be worse than I thought if it requires you to make two new lines after every piece of ending punctuation
But I guess you'd be the expert on that

cbdc8 No.186481

You're whiteknighting a pixelshit platformer for nugeeks, maybe you shouldn't try and push the reddit label on others. Next time think twice before you boast about pozzed games, no amount of deflection will hide you here

0c0fd No.186598

It's nice that they're still putting content out, and the game looks nice, but… Did they really have to make King Knight a knigger?

File: 1575735186082.png (1.29 MB, 994x745, the beat'em up crowd.png)

00054 No.181042[Reply]

Just came to think about it. Are beat'em ups dully the faggiest genre ever made?
>Every game on the genre could be easily catalogued as a clone to the first few games.
>The controls are so little versatile, innovation is evasive and any variation can be easily dismissed as a gimmick.
>All the difficulty lies in whether or not enemies stay quiet waiting for you to pummel the other guy.
>Core gameplay is unsubstantial, reason they amass less than two hours of a playthrough as a norm.
>Their most notorious achievement were the spritework, so they technically predate graphicwhores.
>They fueled multiple lies into the industry, such as women being capable at fighting.
>Such as with Hollowwood, they had a monopoly stagnating the genre.
>Those who went for a whimsical direction were so because the art director couldn't pitch his ideas onto a better game.
>Western developers avoided contact with it unless it was for a recognisable license cashgrab.
And this shows on what following it gathers:
>Landfill willing to pay hundreds on an above mediocre experience, with literally every game of the genre of any platform.
>Scott Pilgrim, literally the cultural antichrist of the past decade, got made into one.
>Many of these make up for Soytch's """great library""" which bearded males eat up like
>SEGA has recently accepted to include a disgusting CalArts-looking nigress onto their landmark franchise.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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b2509 No.181500

Not like 8/v/ plays any more.

0a60b No.181505

nigger the fuck are you talking about
Outside of this shitty thread there are plenty of people playing

9325a No.181734

File: 1575792788783.jpg (125.17 KB, 900x1271, 6c470808938747c76f5182729c….jpg)

The problem with fighting games is that they're stuck in an evolutionist dead end.
1. They can't move BACK, because none would accept to question the fundamentals (2D movement, hit points, attacks & grabs as the entire repertoire)
2. And they can't move FORWARD, because they've already hit a wall with what they're allowed to use. All these hyper-specialized techs are just variants on top of the same old.

But there is a surprising revelation behind all this, if you read between the lines of 1+2. The meaning of fighting games being stuck in an eternal limbo of Street Fighter 2 clones, TO BE RECOGNIZED AS FIGHTING GAMES, is not that any evolution is impossible but rather that any divergent games would be labeled a different genre.

MOBAs and ASSFAGGOTS for instance, could be seen as an evolution of fighting games. They share the exact same sport-like spirit: a tag team match between varied, but balanced alternatives. The entirety of presentation and controls is different, to achieve the same result.

Not convinced, frightened by the weird words bad? Imagine having a fight between two classes, like Demo and Soldier; then port the same battle in a fighting game: the spirit would be the same, but you would have to translate all the movements and tactical arrangements into a set of distinct moves, way harder to master and learn because they're less apparent and less natural to execute. In a word: more archaic.

25d2f No.181771

>The meaning of fighting games being stuck in an eternal limbo of Street Fighter 2 clones,
>MOBAs and ASSFAGGOTS for instance, could be seen as an evolution of fighting games
very wrong
>more archaic

17fe1 No.186596

Denial isn't a river in egypt. Eventually you will have to bow the knee and accept your mistakes

File: 1576177453994.gif (63.88 KB, 169x210, lamulana.gif)

5f432 No.184609[Reply]

>La Mulana 1&2 "western" release announced for March 2020.
>By fucking NISA

So, what will it be? Detailed in-game maps? Drastically toned down difficulty? Or will they be "gentle" and only "localize" it?

Looking back at happier times-
>Favorite track
>Favorite boss
>How often did you fall down the bottomless pit in the Chamber of Birth?
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5c002 No.186570

>Is LM2 easier in terms of puzzles than the first?
Marginally, yeah, but the difference will seem pretty drastic if LM1 has already acclimated you to Nigoro's puzzle logic.

>I dropped the game for some reason and don't know if I should restart or just continue right where I left off.

Were you playing the remake or the original? Picking it up again might feel more fresh if you switch versions.

5f432 No.186574

>I dropped the game for some reason and don't know if I should restart or just continue right where I left off.
Really depends on how long ago you dropped the game. Unless you very neatly wrote down what you did and when you did it last, the sheer amount of hints you have to keep at the back of your head to solve various puzzles means coming back after a long pause will pretty invariably place you against a wall. Starting fresh might be more motivating, plus it would help you to get reacquainted with the movement system.

3ff90 No.186577

I played the remake, I'll try using a notebook for once. My biggest problems was always forgetting subtle things in rooms.

918fc No.186578

I cant believe people dont "get" the movement system. You have to commit to your actions, thats it.

60aa4 No.186594

Electricity to flip bits wouldn't be physical, but the physicality would be due to harddrives the game is stored on being physical.

File: 1575549130290-0.png (452.5 KB, 1264x1400, 24ba254fd8cebd5b8cb9a8a119….png)

File: 1575549130290-1.jpg (31.25 KB, 371x371, U8_ICW7l_400x400 (1).jpg)

44294 No.179058[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Although 8kun is not really that great I do respect what codemonkey is doing. Trying to take on a pretty large ddos attack, trying to make sure the site stays up as well as trying to actually find ddos protection and a domain name that doesn't hate his guts. That and him talking to the community about it. I honestly don't think he Ron is that bad of a guy.
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bcecf No.186519

Nigger that disclaimer can just be turned off, it's a filter for boomers

17278 No.186567

>Bans porn
<NOOOOOOOO you must be an ebil sjw
Why does this always happen

f5327 No.186576

File: 1576264798817.png (146.8 KB, 606x914, gab.png)

Context is a bit more interesting.

f2ddd No.186589

Does gab actually ban porn on its platform though? Calling porn degenerate and making fun of man children is hardly offensive.

ff170 No.186591

If we had a God-Emperor worthy of the title I wouldn't mind a porn ban.
>backed by members of Congress
That in itself ought to be a red flag to most people.
They did ban it as well as most common slurs on their android app. The latter was supposedly so it could get on the android store but I'm starting to doubt it.

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File: 1575484917296.jpg (113.92 KB, 1171x1200, 343.jpg)

4e099 No.178128[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

>Matchmaking is mostly DLC maps, made by 343 not Bungie
>No map vote
>No Forge, and no Forge maps some of the best in Reach
>Using a controller makes you OP
>Audio Issues out the ass
>Missing game types
>Crouch is broken
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8342b No.186566

Are any of those hard to swallow?

cff0e No.186568

learn to read noob

aeea4 No.186571

Jesus dude shut up

06c38 No.186585

>One and done
Yeah keep scrolling windows fag
You seem to be rustled. Dump your halo porn pervert. The good halos haven't been released yet and I'm kinda aroused by your textual abuse.

96657 No.186587

>newfag exposing he doesn't understand tor posting
Uh oh..

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File: 1575930194018.mp4 (2.31 MB, 1280x720, lHE3R-kGdKgc4J9n.mp4)

23618 No.182660[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

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dee37 No.185592

File: 1576204993157.png (242.83 KB, 561x421, dbdef496ee7dfc77da0badeb1b….png)

>another kemono dakimakura

Does your waifu know you're cheating on her?

6c5a1 No.185681

great, another forced meme

90e75 No.185696

Ok show us something funny then.

38f5f No.185716

I was just intentionally misspelling retarded anon, it's not going to become a shitty meme. At least I hope not.

08359 No.186583

File: 1576266203732.png (Spoiler Image, 609.25 KB, 848x382, LOL.png)

I don't remember

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