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File: 1577818842074.png (127.23 KB, 225x265, 1577818603887.png)

c3637 No.197734[Reply]

Today is the last day of board migration on 8chan right? Does this mean that after today people can recreate the boards that were not migrated?
Picture unrelated.
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255c6 No.201971

>I eat shit regularly, just to make sure it still tastes like shit.

6ebe1 No.201975

What the fuck is /pol/ oriented about them?

97bd6 No.201977

File: 1578761811870.png (13.1 KB, 231x255, 74fe67872297c038c59790b575….png)

>complains about cuckchan

8a0c0 No.201998

File: 1578767855790.png (219.71 KB, 1296x1374, 1577642051367.png)

They are edgy ?

fd030 No.202525

File: 1578887477249.jpg (113.31 KB, 426x266, holy dubs.jpg)

Checked, impressive.

File: 1578515018183.webm (10.96 MB, 640x480, 8glow.webm)

76991 No.201003[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Tor posting now appears completely broken on 8kun.
>Mark shutting down the bunker in a couple months
>8kun unusable for many people
Let's discuss where people who would rather not use 8kun but still want to shit-post on /v/ together should migrate since Mark is shutting this place down one way or another. The choices at the moment appear to be between smug/vg/, which comes with the weird rules they impose, Julay/v/ which seems fine enough, or another site entirely and forming a new board there (anon.cafe, etc.). Or someone makes an independent new site specifically for /v/ and links it into the webring, though I very much doubt anyone would do this.

Considering this is merely a temporary bunker and PPH are dwindling by the day as people leave for 8kun, there's no actual reason for Mark to delete this thread :^).

Right now things are quit scatted and hectic with people cross-posting the same threads and same posts across 3 separate boards. I think coming to a conclusion on the future of /v/ within the webring would help to ease this awkward process. People have a pretty natural aversion to 8kun and staying within the webring is in my opinion, quite ideal.
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a5070 No.203798

>ron skipping out of phase 2 thread is gone
don't know if it fell off the board or deleted but reminder that Ron lied about this and that he needs to reinstate phase 2

44276 No.203810

>he needs to reinstate phase 2
He won't and he isn't planning to, all those boards are deleted by now.

06724 No.203999

8kun is cuckchan lite, it's been this way since before the shutdown. If you don't like cuckchan niggers then don't go to 8kun, simple as that my man.

85a1c No.204089

considering how stuff is still getting migrated, albeit ever so slowly, I doubt that. But regardless even though I post on 8kun my patience for the administration as wore thin. How long it took for them just to answer my email was embarrassing, and how they handled everything in trying to get the site back up was demoralizing.

85a1c No.204090

Also, 8kun has stopped working for me. Keeps giving me an 502 Bad gateway error

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File: 1577668936539.png (467.19 KB, 1920x1080, logo.png)

39197 No.196913[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Check the wiki for availability: http://8chanmania.shoutwiki.com/wiki/8chanmania:Season_3


• Every week you can fill a slot with one character per ID. All but sixteen of these slots must be filled by videogame characters. All slots are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.
• If a character or character(s) has been nominated three times in a row, (Even within the same mania) it is not eligible for nomination for 2 more manias. You can find a list of nominations in the most recent mania article on the 8chanmania wiki.
What counts as a “videogame character”?
- Any character who you can access and originated in a “videogame” without using any form of character creator; this includes characters that must be accessed via a character creator but have a ‘default appearance’ that you do not have to personalize to proceed.
- If a character can be accessed in a “videogame” but did not originate in a “videogame”, it must have had a substantial role in at least 5 games to qualify for a “videogame character” slot OR known almost exclusively for their videogame appearances. The first would be Goku and the second would be Pepsiman.
- “Videogame” includes only actual videogames. This does not include “choose your own adventure” visual novels, but it can include visual novels with substantial game components, such as “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney”.
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3369e No.199367

literary who?

8b04b No.199375

Something TNA can hopefully use if the RNG gods are good.

And as I said earlier, there are no female Replica. Meaning that Pax "found" someone.

e28f5 No.199700

I was going to suggest retooling it a bit as a FROG from MGS4 to be used in mookmania until I too realized who it really was. Wonder who her partner will be since her usual buddy is already in the roster


f1bb2 No.200992

Any progress or missing content?
Should we also move this thread to 8kun or is it still unstable?

e245f No.201012

I dont fucking know, we will talk about it Sunday. Mania is setup were just doing extra shit

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File: 1577929487587.png (120.44 KB, 251x268, c90716279f3ad95e68b350a2ad….png)

1d7e4 No.198426[Reply]

>What is it?
It's the bi-annual tradition where a bunch of normal people get together to play video games to raise money for a great cause!

>When is it?

Sunday, January 5th, 11:30 AM EST.

>How do I watch it?

https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick (not live at the time of posting)
Or you can use the official, Mark-approved chatroom of /v/! Only cool kids know the link.

>Where is it?

This event will be taking place at the DoubleTree Hilton at the Entrance to Universal Orlando Hotel, located in Orlando, FL. So if you happen to be nearby, be sure to kill some time by dropping by, provided you have registered and paid the $80.00 fee

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d394c No.200996

Or simply speaking gamer nerd can't get up from his chair while "speedrunning" games but still wants to pretend to be a girl, while being a fat bastard in a wig.

4c894 No.200998

Being a fat fuck who sits in a chair all day also raises your mortality rate and thus your speedrun's efficiency.

d394c No.200999

Dammit. Diabeetus + Trannyism is a dangerous combo.

460fc No.201002

Watching speedruns makes me want to end it all and marriage has a similar result so…

d394c No.201004

File: 1578515182519.jpeg (55.75 KB, 1280x720, marriage.jpeg)

Lets get married, anon-kun.

File: 1577162708513-0.jpg (99.04 KB, 1200x760, Commodore64.jpg)

File: 1577162708513-1.jpg (1.8 MB, 3888x2592, Sinclair_ZX_Spectrum_48k_(….jpg)

File: 1577162708513-2.jpg (163.74 KB, 1200x932, 1200px-Amiga500_system.jpg)

6bc38 No.193686[Reply]

Seeing how the new C64 Plug n' Play just came out,
I thought it'd be appropriate to make a thread dedicated to the home micros of olde.
Post your favourite games, experiences from back in the day, argue over which machine's games were better and the like.
By the way, does an infographic of recommended games for the Commodore 64 exist in the same vein as those for other systems that are posted every now and then?
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26e3c No.193995

There was a mini console C64 a couple years ago. This new one is a new one is full size, with a few improvements.

6bc38 No.195204

File: 1577421983317.png (18.57 KB, 500x800, titan.png)

>Still kind of pissed there isn't a cowboy theme'd TI-tan
Not anymore anon, Merry (late) Christmas!

de4df No.196831

File: 1577660607673.jpg (19.21 KB, 626x354, the horror won't end.jpg)

Father is an angloboo of no particular intelligence. We had a computer with some sort of UNIX system, and also a DOS computer. Neither of which he could operate and I had to toy with it on his instruction which often time involved standing his horrible personality and somehow pretending to be doing whatever impossibility he wanted to see the computer do.

Then the present day in computing came and holy shit I thought my experience with computers was already the worst possible, but it wasn't, and the horrors just keep going on and on.

5f012 No.200966

Have any of you tried to make your own games back in the day? Did you program with bog standard BASIC, or with a different language? Construction sets?

PCs were always a pain in the ass to use regardless the time period it seems.

80c7e No.200976

>that vid
Damn, they modern computing'd the C64.

File: 1576313159340.webm (10 MB, 854x480, reciever2.webm)

0571c No.186962[Reply]

Are you guys ready for gun autism and droning voice simulator 2020?
Because Receiver 2 is coming to steam! Made by the same furries that made that rabbit kung fu feet game.

Game Features:
Load every single individual bullet into a magazine one by one
Forget how many bullets you have left and die
The actual programmers mumbling insane bullshit into a shitty microphone
Fumble to reload your firearm in-combat and die
Accidentally drop magazines on the ground like a sausage-fingered idiot
Get shot to death by a robot you thought you killed
This fucking spent cartridge won't pop out of the revolver cylinder fuck shit goddamnit
New! - Your gun will jam and you won't remember how to unjam it
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3c993 No.192663

File: 1577070820786.png (26.58 KB, 240x160, 2019-12-22-220352.png)

First off, I'm pretty sure you've never actually beaten the game because I can't imagine someone seriously arguing that shit like E3M2 is dark and tense.

Secondly, if you think that keyboard controls are a serious handicap then either you're an absolute shitter or you've never actually used them before. My introduction to Doom was the awful GBA port, which had even jankier controls than DOS (pic related), and I still remember zooming around the map without much difficulty. The only real difference between then and now is that it's a little easier to snipe things in the handful of maps that give you huge sight lines.

1d696 No.192895

File: 1577093244433.jpg (207.22 KB, 1024x928, craig-mullins-pid.jpg)

Neat! Last I remembered of that, they were still experimenting with loading PiD maps into Forge. There's also a simplified spin on it for Doom 3:

By early, you mean before Myth & Oni? Not really.

Pathways is less of an FPS, more of an adventure game (conversation system, inventory puzzles, all levels are interconnected and you have to revisit locations on multiple occasions, etc.) built atop an FPS's combat/exploration engine. This mixed, slower pace is why I said something like it would be ideal for Receiver's cumbersome weapon mechanics (in addition to Pathways having an unusually detailed system for handling weapons, where bullets are tracked in individual mags that you move in and out of weapons similarly to a filebrowser) and probable focus on VR.

Minotaur is supposedly (only one of these I didn't play) rather unique, a realtime tilebased PvP RPG. There was also a decent turnbased SP RPG based off it by a college buddy, Isles of Nemesis.

Marathon 1 is the most Id-like, somewhat similar to Doom, but (aside from the obvious technical advancements), has the story terminals giving more flavor (and map hints), some friendly monsters, movement-wise everything is floatier and more reliant on inertia, while combat-wise there is more of a focus on dodge-able projectiles versus Doom's tendency toward hitscan enemies, also a much bigger use of player teleportation than Doom. The latter two Marathon games also added liquids that could be swam in, and extensive use of monster/item teleportation, as well as a large focus on oxygen exhaustion due to vacuum levels and submersion.

Then there were a few Marathon-based licensed games, including a really good proto-Ghost Recon squad FPS called Damage Inc., a mediocre Duke Nukem-like FPS set in Washington D.C. called Prime Target, and an absolutely bizarre comicbook licensed game called Zero Population Count.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

3c993 No.193137

>everyone who criticizes me is an IP-hopping samefag

60278 No.194218

a friend of mine had me over to try out Onward and it's not quite autism level but it's pretty close. there are more detailed VR "games" for guns - Hot Dogs Horseshoes and Hand Grenades is pretty damn autistic - but Onward had some pretty neat features, including
>taking an M249, realizing that the match started with the box mag attached but the belt was not fed through the gun, then needing to unlatch the cover, check the feed thing, feed the belt through, close the gun and rack the bolt before it could fire
>accidentally hitting the safety on my shotgun, reducing me to getting caught with an inactive gun, forcing me to pull my pistol, hit the safety and go John Wick for exactly four seconds before getting BTFO by some autistic Dutch guy
>a bolt-action rifle that you can manually handload rounds into after the magazine is empty to speed up consecutive shots
>loading pretend shells one by one into a pretend shotgun feels pretty fuckin good dude
>pulling a grenade, pulling the pin, then also pulling your pistol so you can run around with a live grenade in your hand while also shooting, then just toss the grenade whenever you need to activate the fuse and have it go live
Overall I had a really good time and I enjoyed playing it a lot in coop mode, and if they added a few more weapons and fine-tuned the finer controls it might actually be a good, actual game

3ce5d No.200960

i suck cock

File: 1577708805477.png (116.85 KB, 658x557, gdq20xx.png)

73f25 No.197164[Reply]

It is the year 20xx. You've just taken your daily government enforced HRT pills, and then readjust your dilator. You notice a few drops of blood running down it. 'It's mostly likely just menstrual blood' you think to yourself. After shoving a tampon up your anal cavity you take a look at the mirror. What do you see?

(Don't forget to also click random)
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e83b2 No.198977

>>197577 (checked)
This makes me sick to my stomach. It reminds me of that pic a group of sick fucks who dig up used diapers and wear them with pride.

46b21 No.198985

File: 1578048251438.png (233.64 KB, 721x376, [Chuckles].png)

You may be disgusted, but I thank you for the much needed laugh all the same.

33341 No.198999

File: 1578051661597.png (286.08 KB, 643x620, 5362247a2024bcd7ad0433aed7….png)

>Wait, this is unironic? I thought this was some parody
This is the zeitgeist right here.

c4187 No.199007

File: 1578054168317.png (23.49 KB, 500x1600, male gardevoir.png)

Has anybody ever stuck a dick into the gaping wound of a tranny?
I can't help but imagine it would be extremely painful because it's literally just sticking a dick in a gaping wound and then scraping it over and over. I bet it would cause a nasty infection after too.

84523 No.199015

>Extremely painful

File: 1571926261536.jpg (396.23 KB, 1274x2048, 77407942_p0.jpg)

19d2d No.102190[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Old thread died, how are your Granblue lives doing?

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07e8a No.189669

>2 days since GranFes
>1 hour of maintenance left
>still no news post
KMR, please. I just want my info.

167ce No.193797

File: 1577188257204.jpg (331.2 KB, 753x707, 07c2c9231d1c2db9156295b763….jpg)

>reading through the Christmas messages
>Jannu Dork
>"there is no better present than your smile"
I hate this game.

b9315 No.197343

when can i roll for the previous new year girls?

80e46 No.197352

Start of the new year and occasionally once around summer. Keep looking at sparkable characters and you'll get your answer.

f12ac No.197367

>cucks us for a dragon
faggot koreans

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