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File: 1577659315493.webm (15.61 MB, 640x360, dildo.webm)

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1b531 No.204695

إننا نخسر المعركة..أبدأ القتال وإلا اضطررت لإيجاد شخص قادر على القتال!

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File: 1579455364127.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 9.07 MB, 1280x720, Bloofin' Coomer.mp4)

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File: 1579567436736.webm (4.66 MB, 1200x674, Runnin' Through Decades o….webm)

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File: 1579581934660.mp4 (793.24 KB, 640x360, YandereSim Server Ban (No ….mp4)

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File: 1579631883935.mp4 (2.94 MB, 1280x720, doom.mp4)

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cd8cf No.201497[Reply]

I remember the garbage fire that this game was from it's E3 2014 hype train inception to it's explosive diarrhea of a release in 2016. And as much fun as it was to watch it burn like TORtanic, after 4 years, it has actually changed.
Basically, Sean Murray managed to win back the pissed off consumers that were foaming at the mouth for a refund by pulling the rare industry move of releasing numerous free updates. He added actual multiplayer, he added VR, he added content that he didn't deliver upon release.
Now of course it will be impossible to ever disregard the existence of its colossal colonoscopy of a launch day, but the game now IS actually what it was once promised to be. And he is still releasing free big updates that would otherwise be sold as DLCs by EA or Activision. Not saying consider buying it but would you be willing to at least change your opinion on the game now?
I think the problem with this game is that it basically made buyers wait 4 years for it to be finished. But at what point would you be willing to look back at a recently improved title that was previously shriveled away by notoriety?
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f88d0 No.203120

>or else we'll be stuck in a world where devs release good functional games and live up to their promises
Were it so easy

54eaa No.203134

>getting normalfags to stop throwing money at bullshit theyre told to consume by continuously shocking them in the skinner box.
i wouldnt call that easy, but modern devs seem to be up to the task.

738fc No.203188

File: 1579039559048.jpg (11.27 KB, 276x182, days without jewish tricks.jpg)

Skinner boxes don't work with normalfags.
They've been conditioned to disregard any negative thoughts because being negative is bad, if you answer negatively to something negative you're a "hateful person". That and whatever impact phrases the kosher media has cooked up for them.
They live in this insane hippie fantasy that's just like my BSDM pornos where the girl gets caned and is supposed to answer "Thank you!"

d7819 No.203235

>just look at cats! they sent out a day-one patch to movie theatres just for you

d7819 No.203895

File: 1579196696347.png (176.57 KB, 460x550, collecting interest.png)

Does the game have any mods that adds qt xeno girls as companions?
Or a qt AI?

4bd1e No.203216[Reply]

Why are spics such disgusting subhuman cheaters?

013c3 No.203217

We already have two threads about spredrunning.

c6460 No.203218

because they're spics. What did you expect?

5ca6a No.203350

3831d No.203892

Dammit anon i keep getting that in recommended, and you post it here

File: 1578432112232.jpg (113.5 KB, 1024x658, Platinum-Games-Kamiya-and-….jpg)

bc34d No.200767[Reply]

Bitter has-been Hideki Kamiya agreed to Chinese investments to keep his failing business afloat. If only the pathetic loser didn't spend his whole day on twitter, maybe things wouldn't have gotten this bad.

>Platinum Games has received a capital investment from Tencent.

>Platinum Games will remain independent.
>Platinum Games will not change its management or corporate structure.
>Platinum Games will use the capital to strengthen its foundation and expand into self publishing.
Unfortunately this is happening in every industry, from foods to housing.
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e7370 No.202853

Seeing as how he's a model of the white race, it probably smells like America and freedom.

4bdd8 No.202856

I remember when Mark turned on country flags for a day and someone that typed just liked him was revealed to have been posting from Brazil. Then someone uncovered a person with the same "impotent leftists" posting style like the aforementioned on OneAngryGamer named. "Luciano":


Brazilians can be white, right?

2e4fe No.203022

Nier automata wasn't good though

8d52e No.203045

Reminder it was discovered that BR niggers were also behind the medbull spam as well when dysnomia randomly enabled flags on /b/ and every single one of those posts had the hue flag.

08860 No.203170

>SOMEWHERE along the line, people [SUDDENLY] BECAME so damned … … … intolerant
And for no reason at all they began voting hitler into power.

File: 1578357623385.jpg (65.88 KB, 460x215, disco.jpg)

1900c No.200560[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

>start game as a drunk
>shit about endless voids and nothiness which i'm a sucker for
>enjoyed the dumb fuck rolls i kept getting like spilling my spaghetti telling a women "i want to have fuck with you"
>enjoyed being able to flip off a cafeteria worker in a mad dash attempt to get out of paying money
>enjoyed traumatizing a little girl by ruining her favorite romance novels
>enjoyed the crime fighting duo of serious man of reason asian and spastic drunkard who doesn't give a shit
>find myself at the other side of town
>walk up and talk to a guy i thought was a vender of some kind
>he says literally 3 words "welcome to Revachol" in a thick rusbro accent, sense nothing wrong with him
>suddenly out of dumb fuck no where the writting suddenly hits rock bottom
>my partner goes from serious composed voice of reason to pants on head retard
>starts autisticly screetching at the guy saying he's a racist for some reason
>over 3 fucking words
>confused as fuck i compose myself to figure out why
>his literal reason was "welcome" = "ur a foreigner faggot, lol" (not even fucking joking)
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3d6a2 No.203070

How many people do you really think used /leftypol/? Cause everyone always said they used bots to increase user count and even then they were always behind /v/ and /pol/.

8040c No.203084

Alright, /leftypol/. We believe you.

2779d No.203148

File: 1579030012450.jpg (227.08 KB, 640x1434, AwokenYourInnerMonster.jpg)

Why did you used "violent" before "natzee" ? do we call wolf violent for merely feeding himself the way he always have ? do a peacefull wolf even exist ? thanks for the compliment i guess :^)

89eb3 No.203176

a wolf can be your best friend if you treat it nicely

ee26f No.204626

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File: 1577491460747.webm (15.32 MB, 360x203, Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart.webm)

29466 No.195783[Reply]

Anyone feel like playing a fun Mario Kart style mod of a Sonic themed Doom wad? It's free and easy to set up and join. Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. I'll put up a server with a couple character and track packs, nothing too fancy.

Addons enabled on my server:


Use the SRB2Kart(OpenGL).bat to run the game.

Important things to note:
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ded10 No.202965

ded10 No.202966

try again?

8a94e No.202968

Still no go for me. Did you make it in? I joined other servers to make sure it wasn't my side fucking up and it doesn't seem to be that way.

1f38e No.203046

I'll try resetting it

8a94e No.203069

File: 1579019478067.png (785.83 KB, 716x850, ClipboardImage.png)

It's working now.

File: 1578444502937.jpg (69.68 KB, 966x521, screen-0.jpg)

7100f No.200811[Reply]

What games have cool magic systems that either make me feel like real mage researching shit that can reshape the fucking world, or at the very least give me the feeling of being a powerful battlemage which can cast powerful spells to devestate his enemies.

I personally really like modding Minecraft for this purpose with mods like Thaumcraft so I can fuck around gathering materials and researching shit like that.

Any games give feeling of being an actual wizard? Necromancers are cool too
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1a2c3 No.202996

Doesn't work 75% of the time more like. Even with Arx Libertatus it is incredibly janky.

26118 No.202997

you know that doesn't sound too different from lost magic actually, except instead of pressing one of of three buttons you have to draw one of 18 runes. Although admittedly most of the 2 rune combos are basically do spell A with element/strength B.
Also not every three rune combo actually works but that just encourages you to remember the ones that do.

49e14 No.202998

>I mean now it's getting kinda semanticy. All video games with a crafting system would have predefined spells, otherwise you couldn't make them.
Nah, the idea is that you can be flexible in choosing how your spell operates and what it does. Imagine a better version of PoE's skill system (more focused on giving you interesting options than giving you flat DPS) and you have an idea of one basic way this could be done. What you're describing is as garbage as recommending RPGs with WoW-esque recipe crafting systems when people want RPGs where you can actually craft your own gear. If you cannot meaningfully define or alter the properties of the end result, you are not really creating it yourself because the "crafting" component holds no meaning over the result and it just becomes another way to collect crap.

8ffe1 No.203023

Wizard in SS13, because you're overpowered as fuck and the only way to keep you from casting your spells is by shooting you with a syringe gun that knocks out asleep instantly. As long as you can talk you can fuck people up.

bd9d9 No.203029

I kinda posted invoker because of the lines in the OP
>or at the very least give me the feeling of being a powerful battlemage which can cast powerful spells to devestate his enemies.
>Any games give feeling of being an actual wizard? Necromancers are cool too
Invoker is the first time I felt like being an actual wizard, because you are constantly under the pressure of knowing what spell to cast and how to cast it. If you can't remember ghost walk when someone is about to rape you you're basically dead.

I know a lot of games have a similar system. It's just that I haven't seen one were you need to hammer out the spells like crazy with fast as fuck fingers. A lot of times if you don't get them out fast enough the other player will simply escape or kill you, or if you can't remember the spell within 1-2 seconds you will probably die.

Now they did add a memory slot were you can save 2 spells, so a lot of bad invokers will constantly have ghost walk on standby

File: 1578971076886.jpg (53.44 KB, 460x215, Party Pack 5.jpg)

f4748 No.202959[Reply]

Starts at 7PM PST/10PM EST
It's a late night Jackbox stream with /v/! Head over to https://cytu.be/r/Jackbox1 to watch the stream and join the game with a room code at jackbox.tv or go to wordsgame.lol for Use Your Words

What's the Jackbox Party Packs?
The Jackbox Party Packs are games in which you can play with
people in a single room or stream them live with others around the world. They can range to coming up with witty punchlines and jokes in Quiplash, creating strange T-shirts in TeeKO or wondering what the prompt is in Drawful!
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f4748 No.202991

File: 1578979824743.png (516.05 KB, 553x543, Smug arle.png)


f4748 No.202992

File: 1578979844473-0.png (54.98 KB, 157x300, Nasa room code.png)

File: 1578979844473-1.png (77.65 KB, 157x300, Nasa room code2.png)

f4748 No.203003

File: 1578982519309.png (802.08 KB, 1080x675, TeeKO.png)

TeeKO with room code SYYM

f4748 No.203017

File: 1578987103825.jpg (770.87 KB, 1230x948, 676ef2c47394823.jpg)

That wraps up the first stream of the new year. I hope you guys had fun and I'll see you all next time. Goodnight.

bab99 No.203019

Night, man.

File: 1578687887648.png (948.68 KB, 1920x1080, seven.png)

bd687 No.201633[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

We've finally reached it, folks. Windows 7 will stop receiving security updates on the 14th. Are you gonna downgrade to Windows 10 like a good goyim? Stick with it, let your operating system spread its ass as more vulnerabilities are found, and hope you don't catch any malware?
Yes, this is video games.
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7f388 No.203319

The trick to distro hopping with ease is having your directory inside /home in a separate partition. You just wipe out the other partitions and keep your home intact.
I myself am going one step beyond distro hopping and OS hopping with that.

0d1ab No.203366

I was greeted with her today on launch screen.

b74d3 No.203578

I've never updated win7 who cares?

2d479 No.203992

The fact remains that most people in the world aren't die hard neonazi racist bigots looking to murder anyone who isn't of 100% bagan blood.

a69f3 No.204023

What the fuck are you talking about? What does that have to do with the post you're responding to?

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File: 1577879726203.png (44.04 KB, 520x390, here's your controller bro.png)

ded1b No.198047[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Hey /v/, first of all, happy new year, may this be the one where the Day of the Stairs draws near.
Secondly, my bootleg ps3/pc controller got busted and I'd really like to find some model or two that could replace it. I'm not really the kind of guy who wants top of the line performance, since it's mostly used for retro games, but I'd really like a controller where all buttons/dpad/analogs feel smooth to press and fidget with, I can't tell you how many controllers I've tried worked perfectly well but had terribly sturdy buttons. I'm also vehemently against bluetooth controllers because of always forgetting about turning the damn things off once I'm done playing, so if it's cabled or with usb support, all the better.
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26be3 No.201705

File: 1578695119069.jpg (113.5 KB, 1500x1061, 81VohNNze6L._SL1500_.jpg)

The mouse looks good, appreciate the pinky rest, but the scrollwheel looks a little stubby. Looks like the Razor Naga which is the only other mouse I know with a shitload of buttons. $28 on Amazon, not bad.

My current mouse is like the first one. The second one looks good, but I'm not sure how useful the buttons on the LMB will be if you're playing, say, an FPS. If they were longer like pic related I think it'll be easier to use.

Appreciate the recommendations

f3a71 No.201751

>appreciate the pinky rest
It's actually a modifier click. I've found it awkward and useless to use in games but it's actually incredibly useful for productivity and macros in general computing tasks.
>but the scrollwheel looks a little stubby
As in small? Maybe, I've never really thought about it before.
>Looks like the Razor Naga
I tried to fix a razor naga I had once and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get it open. Avoid razor nigger shit at all costs.

Not to sound like some sort of shill but I suspect I'll just stockpile a few g600's and use them for the rest of my life now that I know how to repair them well enough. I've seen pictures of people who cut out holes in the skates so they can access the screws without having to replace them, I might try that.

5d002 No.202629

>8bitdo SN30 Pro+
Looks alright, but does it support wired? I hate wireless controllers on PC.

Mechanical over rubber dome is just preference. I got one, and the improvements aren't as night and day as some autists would have you think. I'm still happy I got it though.
>more comfortable to type with, especially after long periods
>WPM didn't change much, if at all (tested low-80s WPM with old keyboard, high-80s with new)
>easier to pull off keys and clean when needed

5d002 No.202636

Never mind, I found the FAQ on their site, it does support wired. (When you say 360 mode, I'm assuming you mean it supports X-input, not that it can connect to a 360.)

3c985 No.202765

>last pic
I still have that wheel in my room.

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