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File: 1576208157343.webm (512.22 KB, 1280x720, Are_you_fucking_stupid.webm)

0b6ef No.185836[Last 50 Posts]

Playing video games makes me depressed because despite my best intentions, I can never find a Game I can enjoy. I like to spend the time after work (4-6hrs) and my weekends playing vidya, but I can never find any fulfillment in it. I have tried for years to find a multiplayer game I can both enjoy for hours on end and not get burned out of / pubstomped into rage quitting. Why can't I just find a chill game to play & relax after work? I really just want to find "that game" and even at 30, I still haven't found it yet.

e79c0 No.185864

>I have tried for years to find a multiplayer game
There's your problem.

0b6ef No.185874

I crave social interaction because I have no friends or family.

62f46 No.185888

pick some MMO and lower your standards

8af07 No.185898

This just in. 4-6 hours of vidya every day may be causing your depression.

0b6ef No.185911

There's nothing else to do after I eat my dinner. I usually get bored and go back to work if I don't play any vidya.

f4a83 No.185952

Read a book, learn how to draw or write or play an instrument, get a different hobby, fucking anything would give you a bit more fulfillment than mere vidya.
You gotta treat this like TV, don't do too much in a day.
Failing all that, if you're dead set on vidya try Animal Crossing. It's chill as can be and the neighbors provide a thin facade of friendship. I hear New Leaf has the most features but the GC version has the better neighbors.

861c7 No.185991

What do you for work.

You need something with both short-term goals to feel like you get something done in one session and long term goals so that you keep coming back.

Play something like the X series. Once you finish mapping the universe, then you can concentrate on building a fleet, or a trading empire.

11f37 No.186047

Play with anons instead of random assholes. That will surely do the trick!

0c346 No.186188

>your description
Are you a woman, OP? If you are one, you are the cause of your deppression. Not the games.

e79c0 No.186196

You must learn to embrace the pain of loneliness and burn it as fuel for your journey.

9ad26 No.186263

What kind of games are you playing then? Are you only playing multiplayer games? Have you tried Sonic or GTA?

b9d6b No.186265

File: 1576222458382.png (63.65 KB, 240x308, vomit 2.png)

>after work
Fuck off back to facebook, normalfag.

d34e9 No.186269

File: 1576222781666.png (236.13 KB, 454x405, 1445550512347.png)

Not everyone has autismbux or an accepting family to take care of them faggot.

5fec3 No.186280

Are all wagefags normalfags?

a3ed0 No.186283

File: 1576224942119.jpg (90.54 KB, 612x494, 79cf57d3c4ffb130e04081e5cc….jpg)

>Not everyone has autismbux

0dd6d No.186309

File: 1576230054973.png (1.83 MB, 713x2164, f29d519f5e729e1a158a3d590f….png)

Every time I hear about fags getting depressed and can't find good vidya it's because they're unhealthy tards that eat like shit and never work out.
Also, nobody cares about your personal problems you fucking fag.

0b6ef No.186341

People who believe in traditional values are the ones that are mentally disabled.

0dd6d No.186348

weak bait

f6ec5 No.186359

>I'm bad and ragequit after losing, therefore I cannot find any competitive game to play
Literally git gud

1f4d8 No.186360

You fags are the biggest assholes on the internet

fbc9d No.186482


What happened to webm-guy anyway.
Did he quit?

0dd6d No.186509

Not every bad thing that ever happens is somebody else's fault, you have to take some responsibility yourself. It's not like said offspring is a lifeless husk being puppeteered.

88fc2 No.186524

Normalfags are infinitely bigger assholes than any anon you'll play a game with from here. You'd know this if you ever played a game night. I've never seen an anon be overtly mean spirited in a game night before.

ec7c3 No.186540

Giving birth past the age of 30 should be a crime

ee60d No.186554

>Bonus points for being the only child in family and still living with them past 20's.
It this point it's more about houses costing more than most people will make in their entire lives rather than them still wanting to live with their parents.

848bd No.186573

Because you have shit taste
t.ex Neet of 4 years

46220 No.186837

Only if they leave their room and talk to people.

d1427 No.187527

>It's not like said offspring is a lifeless husk being puppeteered.
you'll be surprised by how often this is the case

186b0 No.187530

> I usually find some autistic sandbox to play for few months non-stop.
I wish I could spend that long playing something, no matter how much I enjoy something after a while I give up or get bored.

86a45 No.187556

What kind of old vidya games did you like. There are still active playerbases to old games due to this phenomenon.

d409f No.187570

No idea what kind of games you're into but here are some I've had fun with:
>GTA Online
Do the bogden problem glitch (assuming it still works) to get easy money so you dont have to grind. You'll be swimming in cash and will actually be able to have fun dicking around in freeroam lobbies. The player base is often full of retards though.
A fun MMORPG with a unique combast. I'd recommend the private server MabiPro to avoid P2W bullshit.
If you liked Tony Hawk's Underground 1/2, you'll love this. Has almost all the maps from THPS 1 to THAW. You can even get custom maps like fucking delfino plaza and shit.
>Monster Hunter
The one you choose depends on what systems you play on. I've had a ton of fun with 4U, but World is more social. The game can get tedious eventually with grinding for materials to craft gear. You can always switch to a new weapon for a fresh experience though.
>Enemy Territory - Legacy
It's Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, a really arcadey FPS but can be fun as fuck. You don't need to be retardedly good to have fun either. Has cool custom maps as well.
Somewhat dead, but there are some fun gamemodes. Cinema is also comfy for watching random youtube videos and shitposting with people, assuming you can find a good server.
An MMO that uses actual pokemon roms. You can play through 3 different regions, battle other players, team up with players to take on gym bosses, trade, etc.

186b0 No.187572

I remember playing that a bit but ultimately quitting after the immense lag, does the private server fix that? I also remember dying to wolves in the first 20 minutes and rage quitting like a little bitch. Though I was still a graphicsfag back then, so that didn't help.

d409f No.187574

I don't recall having any lag issues on the private server. Also do the starting quests to get XP and money for better armor/weapons. I don't think you're meant to be fighting wolves within the first 20 minutes, do the first dungeon with the beginner pass. Also get used to the smash/block/counter combat system, and maybe train some magic like iceballs. I haven't played in ages though so hopefully it's still active so you can form a party to do dungeons with.

186b0 No.187575

I'm downloading the shit for some server because mabipro. Hopefully that's a good one.

186b0 No.187586

>because mabipro
Called mabipro*

20039 No.187591

File: 1576431851502.png (45.08 KB, 250x336, unknown (2).png)

Try something like Monster Hunter. I dislike World, but if it's the only one you could get, go for it. I say that because maybe you'd be better suited to something more cooperative, where your team isn't against another player controlled team.
Of course, you could also take a look in the mirror and work on why you're still having fits over losing at the casual level in multiplayer.

I did, and even then I'm not really the type for Fighting Games. Just like I'm not the type for RTS and tactics games. And there's nothing wrong with not caring for those genres, because there's certainly people who don't care for the stuff I like, too. So like, chill out, play something good and single player. If that's not your thing then something like Monster Hunter's multiplayer, ie
>human controlled squad fighting against CPU enemies
If you really need that multiplayer element.

722a6 No.187665

>some shit is still in japanese been out for years so that's beyond me
>not lagging like fuck
>can't control my camera through q,e or mouse 4 and 5
>mouse wheel is fucked in the ass and doesn't work half the time when pressing down
The game might look like ass but the music is great.

3dce0 No.187935

hey if you're gonna be a neet at least do some chores and be nice to your mum

bbd75 No.188635

File: 1576605918614.jpg (279.21 KB, 700x700, 1456586535402.jpg)

What a horrible idea.

dd7b5 No.189579

You feel depressed from multiplayer games because everyone on the internet is a shallow piece of shit that wants nothing more than their five minutes of fame. You will rarely find someone who treats you well unless they have an audience to raise themselves up with. It started with social media and it leaked into other forms of entertainment. Stop playing multiplayer games, it's poison. That would already be a step in the right direction.

The reason why you crave social interaction is probably because you have a job. You are around "normal" people so you think "normally" and your "normal" conditioning is telling you to be more social. If you want to stop the craving for social interaction then you need to find a way to feel superior to the average person. This superiority could be physical superiority, mental superiority, or autistic superiority. Just aim to master something that you feel is worth the trouble. When you are above the people you will have no reason to talk to them because they are now under you. You will think differently from what normal people will think and will not be shackled by the belief that being social 24/7 will lead to happiness. If chill and relax is all you want then read a fucking book or watch anime.

d1427 No.195080

>autistic superiority
these two words are mutually exclusive

03dff No.195135

Where did you find this video of Namasensei? I finished his course on youtube but this is clearly newer, PLEASE TELL ME WHERE YOU FOUND THIS I WANT TO KEEP LEARNING

d34e9 No.195205

Dude that video is old.

8b0da No.195212

File: 1577423420241.jpg (430.47 KB, 1536x2048, 1567094736557.jpg)

The last video of his I watched was "HD Adjectives", I never saw him in front of a projector before so I thought this was a new series or something… I had never seen his "Daily Dump" Kanji teaching vids either, they weren't in the playlist. More Namasensei I've never seen feels like a late Christmas present, this is nice.

59bff No.195312

Everyone is expected to grow up and leave their toys behind, anon. Learn a craft, not a crafting system. Develop a skill, not a skill system. Travel to places, not game regions.

Gamers are caged cattle locked in perpetual infancy to prepare them for slaughter. The jews want them like this, because a shut in masturbator will never compete with themselves.

5d5cd No.195331

You can do all that shit and still play games.

81bec No.195333

>all I do in my spare time is play games
>why are games no longer fulfilling?
Every time.
Consider creative writing, drawing, or crafting. As in, making physical things with wood or metal.


3c522 No.195343

Why would you want to though? Video games are just for people who have no skills and no life. So many faggots buy fancy pc parts for better graphics for their latest kike skinner box when the best game with graphics that has never been beat was designed by God and it's called real life.

81bec No.195345

Where do you think you are?

2f910 No.195372

What group of people are expected to spend all their time on anonymous imageboards telling other people how they should live their lives?

cd91e No.195376

Yet you have a life to come here and shit on other people's hobbies. Go back to your knitting forum or whatever the fuck it is that you do.

5d5cd No.195544

>best game with graphics that has never been beat was designed by God and it's called real life.
Then go play it instead of "wasting time" here you hypocrite.

dd7b5 No.195742

I wouldn't say that necessarily. Speedrunners sometimes take pride in their speedrunning skills. To someone who doesn't play much videogames they would probably call it autistic in some sense but that doesn't stop the fact that speedrunning is still a thing. The idea is that if you can do a feat that not many can do then you can gain satisfaction and worth from that. It doesn't necessarily need to be productive or useful in the eyes of everyone as long as you see it useful to yourself. Society just has a strong grip on dictating what will and will not make you happy.

11f37 No.195835

Many of the inventions normies use every day were likely made by "autists". We shouldn't be bothered by normies since their lifestyle of junk food, partying and Netflix isn't really desirable in any way.

51579 No.195837


9bc18 No.196271

>spend all their time
You can save lives with a few words, anon. It doesn't have to be a full time job, but you will be aware that you can make the difference.

Once and only once you get out of the gutter that is the manchild's life.

9f343 No.196312

File: 1577573087841.jpg (232.41 KB, 1280x850, 1364701269049.jpg)

>the jooos
>give up your toys and be a slave! thats what being a REAL man is about!
cucks like you are the real problem in this world.

2b8e2 No.196324

A jew invented video games you stupid bastard.

d1427 No.196328

Not you again. Don't you have a better way to spend christmas and new years?
>Many of the inventions normies use every day were likely made by "autists".
Whatever your special education teacher is telling you is a bunch of lies.
Fuck off back to cuckchan.
>You can save lives with a few words, anon.
Spoken like some suicide prevention video.
If a few words on a post on an imageboard was all it took to help someone, they weren't too bad off in the first place.
Post a name or bullshit.

2b8e2 No.196331

Why should I post a name let alone a fucking screencap when you can't look something up without saying something fucking retarded you fucking idiot?

f4a83 No.196333

File: 1577575182260.png (80.68 KB, 546x424, josef kates.png)

And he also invented automated traffic signals. Do you think he made those to kill off goyim as well?

2b8e2 No.196337

And you have the ability to look up things without looking like a literal retard, I appreciate that basic ability of humanity believe it or not.

8e5c4 No.196339

Trips confirm. Jews = BASED

f4a83 No.196343

Well you sure as hell couldn't have meant Turing technically he made the first computer game program but never actually put it on a computer.

11f37 No.196393

>Whatever your special education teacher is telling you is a bunch of lies.
Are you aware of Nikola Tesla, for example? If not for him you wouldn't even be able to dump your nonsense here. Learn some history.

883fc No.196400

File: 1577585141868.jpg (244.04 KB, 685x653, gravity_rush__kat_by_splas….jpg)

Play Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, New Super Lucky's Tale or Gravity Daze. These games are pure Joy.

883fc No.196402

File: 1577585297071.jpg (120.2 KB, 960x544, Kat_3.jpg)

btw I'm starting to really love the Jews for their ability to trigger salty agent provocateurs who want to disestablish the united state in order to bring about there new Chines/Soviet regime.

5cc71 No.198182

>the joos
>give up your toys and be a slave
At least you admit it's toys and not a venue of artistic expression or some shit.

f420d No.198238

From a philosophical view, any kind of expression or act of creation can be considered artistic.
That doesn't mean its good or valid art, the same way we're bogged down with shitty consumer products

f5238 No.198240

>From a philosophical view, any kind of expression or act of creation can be considered artistic.
If you buy the retarded modernist definition of "art", sure. We also need to remember that that definition/point of view has also contributed to the absolute death of actual art.

8d8e2 No.198242

But computers and consoles all run on DC power, retarded faggot.

5cc71 No.198245

>the moment we give up our toy guns, we'll become slaves forever
>t. gamer
No offense anon, but it really sounds like a deluded parody of gungrabbers. Gamegrubbing?

8f893 No.198537

How is it "virtually" unbeatable on the highest setting? Tic Tac Toe is 100% unbeatable with a very simple algorithm that I figured out when I was like 9.
>And he also invented automated traffic signals. Do you think he made those to kill off goyim as well?
You mean traffic lights? Yes, he did. Fuck traffic lights.

6be84 No.198742

Wanna bet he took credit for the work of multiple goys who worked for him?

182fb No.198793

>>185888 (noice)

62741 No.198796

>used light bulbs as opposed to a graphical screen
Then it wasn't a "video" game.

02696 No.198839

>graphical screen
What the fuck do you think screens are made of?

d34e9 No.198850

File: 1578018749668.gif (1.54 MB, 402x267, laughing todd.gif)

>the absolute fucking mental gymnastics the fact a jew made stop lights is causing

0b6ef No.198853

As the OP of this thread I'm still amazed that it's still up.

be1e6 No.198913

File: 1578024338701-0.jpeg (22.2 KB, 320x240, how a crt works.jpeg)

File: 1578024338701-1.png (113.98 KB, 404x219, how an lcd works.png)

Please don't tell us you actually believe that screens are made of thousands of tiny light bulbs.

d34e9 No.198914

No, just one big one. :^)

60db5 No.199062

>All games run off DC power
Thats why we have to #draintheswamp

69703 No.202513

>Playing VideoGames
Just playing vidia will make things worse, get some vitamins and go to the gym instead, after a few weeks you will feel much better.

e2bd0 No.202582

this lie
i broke skull on runing machine
i cant feell my head anymore

cdfe6 No.202855

This is probably for the best, games are just designed to numb you from the world. Getting fit, finding a girl, having a family, these all matter more in the end.

c30a7 No.202859

>matter more in the end
Literally nothing matters in the end.

0c95a No.203025

File: 1578992928078.jpg (44.81 KB, 356x600, da joos.jpg)

>the joos
kill yourself

6e26f No.203027

File: 1578995354784.jpg (46.44 KB, 622x615, EGhEd4uXoAAwToK.jpg)

>You actually believe that the jews are responsible for every societal ill?

22bcd No.203044

But he misspelled it and then called you stupid, so you're clearly wrong.

63ee0 No.203400

you just want a scapegoat because you're inferior and retarded, hence incapable of winning in the real world. even if the jews were responsible for everything, you're not going to do shit about it. you're just going to keep complaining on the board for taiwanese tapestries.

the problem is women, YOUR women.

1c097 No.203406

And who do you think made women such a problem in the first place?

b2de2 No.203407

Unironically go back to reddit, golem.

14af4 No.205731

because its their nature retard. you are a pussy worshipper who thinks women are these perfect little angels who can do no wrong, so you have to blame the jews or something else for the a problem that is biologically programmed in females.
you NEED this scapegoat because if you pointed out the truth about females you would get even less pussy than you do now.

307d2 No.205733

File: 1579719594660.jpeg (75.33 KB, 453x604, comfy slav.jpeg)

How does one get less pussy than none?

f4a83 No.205734

File: 1579722577115.png (286.19 KB, 561x540, smug4.png)

>because its their nature retard. you are a kike worshipper who thinks jews are these perfect little angels who can do no wrong, so you have to blame women or something else for the a problem that is biologically programmed in jews.
you NEED this scapegoat because if you pointed out the truth about jews you would get even less shekels than you do now.
Stupid equivalency aside, you've yet to disprove that women being a problem isn't the fault of many (((feminists)))

016e4 No.205748

File: 1579725615296.png (174.42 KB, 329x298, 1536026333999.png)

I work part time minimum wage and I fucking wish I had autismbux. I only make maybe $200 more from working 20 hours a week than I would from doing literally nothing all day except the extra $200 ends up going towards gas and food (like lunch) I need from running around all day working, so in the end it's nothing but a massive waste of time. The worst part is I'm actually autistic but it's high functioning so I don't think I can even get the autismbux if I tried.

345a6 No.205749

>so in the end it's nothing but a massive waste of time
All according to kike-kaku.

62741 No.205760

It probably sounded a lot better in his head.

62741 No.205761

You might as well apply anon, you never know.

11134 No.205763

File: 1579728092154.webm (15.7 MB, 853x480, 正義のキモチ.webm)

If you truly feel that way then you should apply! The WORST thing that can happen is they say no

3d6d2 No.205766

Just tell them that you have anxiety on top of the autism. It worked for me.

016e4 No.205769

I do have anxiety though.

0b55d No.205770

File: 1579730139917.png (548.12 KB, 757x721, 1568658581404.png)

>someone throws out anxiety as a crutch anon could make up to get autism bux
>anon actually has anxiety
Sometimes, /v/ being so messed up makes me laugh.

3d6d2 No.205772

That's even better.

11134 No.205775

File: 1579730991764.gif (3.22 MB, 720x405, 5342a9243f98c5dac2ae174b7f….gif)

Make sure you study up on it with wikipedia beforehand! When they ask you about it you'll get extra brownie points and let them know you're serious if you mention some of the KEYWORDS you find on the relevant article(s)

0b6ef No.205782

Watch Welcome to the NHK and get a real job?

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