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File: 1577491460747.webm (15.32 MB, 360x203, Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart.webm)

29466 No.195783

Anyone feel like playing a fun Mario Kart style mod of a Sonic themed Doom wad? It's free and easy to set up and join. Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. I'll put up a server with a couple character and track packs, nothing too fancy.

Addons enabled on my server:


Use the SRB2Kart(OpenGL).bat to run the game.

Important things to note:
>T to chat
>When you join a server you have to setup your character and actually join the game in progress through the escape menu
>When you join a server you automatically download and enable their addons (usually) so don't worry about enabling anything. You can't even join a server if you have addons already enabled
>The only way to turn off addons you or a server have enabled is to reset the game
>Native 360 and XBone controller support, for other controllers you may need XInput or something.
>The community is full of trannies, avoid at all costs
>If you host a server that isn't kosher, don't list it on the server browser
>Some anon says they log user data but I can't find anything on that. Play at your own risk.

a73f7 No.197570

>Anonymous 3 days ago

69414 No.197630

The server is still up, if anyone wants to play just post here.

e62a6 No.197639

This game really is one of the best kart racers out there. It’s free, easy to mod, has some neat items (like a blueshell ripoff that you can avoid if you just outrun it somehow) and some good other modes like its Fzero style elimination mod. I’m surprised there hasnt been a gamenight of it.

69414 No.197641

It is pretty incredible. When I found it my first thought was "How the fuck have I not heard of this before?".
I can't host a game night for it until I get off 3rd shift since that's prime game time, but there has been some support in the game night thread so I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

69414 No.197644

Yes, I covered all of that in the OP post.

69414 No.197648

Well just drop a source for the user data thing and I'll update future threads about it.

fde48 No.197650

You might as well stop playing revolt then too, they have multiple discord and subreddits so they most definitely have trannies lurking in their midst.

c2edb No.197655

This is a doom WAD? How?

69414 No.197657

It's not exactly a doom wad, it's a modification of Sonic Robo Blast 2 which itself is built from a modified version of the Doom Legacy Sourceport.
Still, you can open the files in any wad editor and go to town. Just rename the .kart files to .wad, though there are specialized editing tools you can download for this game so that's pretty pointless.

a73f7 No.197669

You're just edgy and demand your edgyness will be acceptable everywhere, aren't you? Can't enjoy a game without saying bad words, boo hoo baby's gonna cry.

ecdf3 No.197676

waiting in the server to race with someone

21882 No.197678

>it logs your data because i say so, how dare you ask for proof
I swear /v/ is just as gay as discord trannies sometimes

ecdf3 No.197679

/v/ please im still waiting

48b0d No.197680

no, sonic's gay furry shit

21882 No.197681

you can play as daytona cars
on karts

ecdf3 No.197682

File: 1577810381728.png (537.42 KB, 1273x773, anon please, you can play ….png)

21882 No.197683

File: 1577810591678.png (416.02 KB, 532x503, day_tonaaa.png)

well yeah but that's not as dumb as this

a73f7 No.197693

Literally every single /v/ thread, prove me wrong.

21882 No.197694

I would if i could
Alas, work **and new year's celebrations involving copious amounts of alcohol" beckons.

21882 No.197695

fuck alcohol is kicking in already

a73f7 No.197696

There will be a lot of drunk anons spouting bullshit and drunk mark sticking happy new year thread complaining about lack of cakes and asking for money on them.

69414 No.197704

File: 1577814150194.jpg (18.92 KB, 210x230, 1408068213311.jpg)

>tfw I leave to make breakfast and I missed an anon
Kill me.

a73f7 No.197706

I honestly tried to launch in wine, it didn't work so i gave up like a noob.

69414 No.197710

File: 1577815540912.png (29.56 KB, 1808x487, aLQrlmQHoKMh_firefox_2019-….png)

I don't know dick about linux but I don't think you have to use wine. The install instructions for linux are underneath the mac installation, it just doesn't have a big ass blue hyperlink.

69414 No.197723

wow 2 racers, amazing

69414 No.197727

3 oh man oh boy

ded10 No.197729

Make that four

21882 No.197730

man i wish i was playing vidya right now

c117c No.197735

come play you faggot

ded10 No.197738

Okay faglord, if you're so smart, explain how you paste the ip address in so someone can join the game?
Obviously I know how, but why don't you flex your obviously boundless knowledge on us? Please

c117c No.197740

>copy paste
There's your problem. Stop being a bitch and write it manually you can forget the 5029

69414 No.197742

File: 1577820460116.png (97.84 KB, 1282x827, zv33lj2Kt2Yu_srb2kart_2019….png)

You just gotta type it in

21882 No.197743

i would if i could

ded10 No.197757

File: 1577824285728.jpg (46.08 KB, 450x640, Baka.jpg)

Sorry there fellas, fell asleep by accident.
Anyone still on?

a73f7 No.197759

Thanks I'll try to join.

f25c1 No.197760


10dd4 No.197771

Here are the mods I mentioned plus a few more characters: https://anonfile.com/z2h9m7K1nc/Mods_rar
Hitfeed is a QOL mod so we don't really need it but it can mitigate "What the fuck hit me?" moments.

a73f7 No.197772

Reminder that "discord tranny" is a cuckchan meme.

a73f7 No.197773

I installed mods. Server restarted btw, people can rejoin.

5b0fa No.197778

Sorry about that, I booted up a duplicate server and it lagged like crazy. I'll reup in a minute.

5b0fa No.197779

Servers back up, but I'm taking a break. Good games everyone.

ded10 No.197825

Does single player not show up for anyone else? Or is it not in the game?
It's not entirely a meme, I've used the server in the past, unless it's just a couple bros most servers can devolve into some gross shit.
What will really send you through a loop is when there's a tranny in there and they're the only other person who isn't retarded.

9970f No.197827

Time attack is single player. Alternatively you can just start an offline multiplayer race by yourself.

9970f No.197828

By the way OP I fugged up and uploaded an outdated version of the horn mod. Here's the current version: https://anonfile.com/bca6n7K4nb/KL_HORNMOD_V4_pk3

920ea No.197971

The game doesn't have any ai, the guy making the mod said so himself in the thread for the mod release.

ded10 No.198107

Anyone hosting?

ded10 No.198411

Please respond

763cb No.198551

Even if nobody's hosting this is one of the most popular games on Doomseeker, I don't think you'd have a problem finding people to play with for now.

d3651 No.198586

My server is always up (for the most part). If you wanna play just jump in and make a post.

d3651 No.198588

I'm OP by the way, guess my ID changed.

ded10 No.198946

I guessed that, I just like playing with /v/ because it's comfy.
Are you (or anyone) up to play?
>Your request looks automated
Mark you fucking suck
Alright off topic but what causes this?

21882 No.198968

>try playing time attack to figure out the controls
>can't get drifting to work no matter what I do
I feel like a retard.
I'm way too used to CTR's drifting.

10dd4 No.200502

I'm in the server now if anyone wants to play.

bd786 No.200542

File: 1578350959193.jpg (50.5 KB, 711x439, 0209a6e2266a31f14e2394a3ca….jpg)

Is this good enough for a game night?

4016e No.200559

Yes, the question is who will host. I work shitty hours so I wouldn't be on during real nigga hours but anyone is welcome to use my server for that purpose.

ded10 No.201299

pls pls pls

41d58 No.201304

okay im going in

21882 No.201324

No but seriously someone tell me how the fuck drifting is supposed to work

09ae1 No.201338

Depends on the character's weight and the distance travelled during drift. The heavier the character the sooner you get the drift boosts, acting as some sort of multiplier.
It's also way harsher than MK's but the results of a good drift are also better.

Play on timetrial on your own to get the hang of it and once you pull them off online you'll feel like a god.

09ae1 No.201339

Another quirk of heavy characters is they have a stronger boost, so they're really speedy as long as they hit speed pads and have speed boost items while lighter, faster characters are better outside of boosting.

88156 No.201341

I'll add that Tails and Knuckles are the recommended characters for learning the game.
I'm in the mood to play again today so I'll hop on in about 20 minutes.

10dd4 No.201348

Took longer than expected but I'm in now.

ec80f No.201376

>Mario Kart style mod of a Sonic themed Doom wad

bd70e No.201381

Most new games people even give a shit about nowadays are just clones of mods or outright stolen from mod projects, then you have modding groups making their own companies like Infinity Ward that spawn literal cancer like CoD.

bd70e No.201382

Then you have some of the most popular games being mod hotbeds like Terraria and Minecraft that make shit games worthwhile to even bother playing, then you have asshole companies trying to make walled gardens to pocket that money and monetize it for themselves while trying to sell lootboxes.

798ad No.201409

I just thought that particular combination was interesting.

074bf No.201475

It is pretty interesting, yeah.

bd70e No.201498

Creative ideas are interesting, modders give life to dead games. You're not gonna see companies throw money away on shit they don't know that'll sell or not when they have a market they're willing to abuse instead, not that they were any better before video game software modding became popular.

ded10 No.201840

File: 1578710833502.jpg (619.83 KB, 810x743, Gotta go fast.jpg)

Agreed completely, it's why I have to wince when I read about people seeing fangames as retarded because "Why didin't u jus maek yuor own game?" It's not about the money, it's about the message.
Also is anyone up for a game?

7573d No.201957

Shit's still on. Join you niggers

e7496 No.201972

I'll hop on around noon today.
2 hours from now in my timezone

d95ef No.202029

Sorry I haven't been around to play, this weekend has been pretty busy for me. I'll try to make time tomorrow.

ded10 No.202126

File: 1578793922084.jpg (103.3 KB, 628x732, behind the wall is a menac….jpg)

I'm gonna start Alice-fagging if I don't get an opponent

b9872 No.202267

File: 1578842909116.png (112.65 KB, 525x550, 5f55e8f8ac173fda21de6ecb6c….png)

What's the current serb file list?

8a94e No.202278

I don't think it has changed since the thread was made so it should be just the stuff in the OP.

b9872 No.202280

Can anyone provide a list of the specific WADs needed?
I installed all the stuff from >>197771 but it won't let me connect.
Or does the serb not like home compiled clients?

8a94e No.202282

What message are you getting when you try to connect? That you are missing something or you have the WADs active?
If it's the former check the log file after failing to connect and it will tell you at the bottom. If it's the latter don't turn on any WADs before connecting, it will automaticallu turn them on for you.

8a94e No.202283

the wrong WADs active*

b9872 No.202306

It got updated to v4 and the old version doesn't seem to be on the forums anymore.

c92eb No.202806

File: 1578950078364.jpg (31.83 KB, 550x552, remi crying.jpg)

N-no one has a vola/mega/IPFS of the wad in question?
I don't want to be alone.

8a94e No.202845

1b3a3 No.202848

Shit like this makes me wonder
I mean, I hate 2huehues with a passion

but is there a doomwad Touhou racer? Seems like you fags would love that shit

ded10 No.202954

SO does anyone wanna race

8a94e No.202958

Sure I'll hop on.

8a94e No.202964

>Can't connect
Welp, I think it died.

ded10 No.202965

ded10 No.202966

try again?

8a94e No.202968

Still no go for me. Did you make it in? I joined other servers to make sure it wasn't my side fucking up and it doesn't seem to be that way.

1f38e No.203046

I'll try resetting it

8a94e No.203069

File: 1579019478067.png (785.83 KB, 716x850, ClipboardImage.png)

It's working now.

3e6a5 No.207209

Well OP since the bunker is gonna go down soon I put together some more mods for if you decide to remake the thread on 8kun. It has some characters and 2 map packs.

6f89e No.207230

could you reup the vola file?

3e6a5 No.207237

The server seems to be down and I don't remember which mods were active off the top of my head. You'll have to wait for OP if he's still alive.

5b0fa No.207439

I planned on remaking on 8kun with the new mods, don't worry. I'll post the old list/download in a bit.

6686b No.207470

3e6a5 No.207535

Good to hear, looking forward to it.

6f89e No.207559

thanks lad

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