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File: 1578432112232.jpg (113.5 KB, 1024x658, Platinum-Games-Kamiya-and-….jpg)

bc34d No.200767

Bitter has-been Hideki Kamiya agreed to Chinese investments to keep his failing business afloat. If only the pathetic loser didn't spend his whole day on twitter, maybe things wouldn't have gotten this bad.

>Platinum Games has received a capital investment from Tencent.

>Platinum Games will remain independent.
>Platinum Games will not change its management or corporate structure.
>Platinum Games will use the capital to strengthen its foundation and expand into self publishing.
Unfortunately this is happening in every industry, from foods to housing.

e4e71 No.200768

Wait, platinum is failing as a business?
Didnt they get a bunch of hits and a deal with nintendo?

8d2b5 No.200771

It wasn't even Kamiya that made the deal but Kenichi Sato, the company CEO.

33ad1 No.200773

nips love the chink shekels.

a76e2 No.200781


c97ae No.200782

I will never give up you stupid nigger

e4e71 No.200784

Die niggerpill.

95e80 No.200785

I think Scalebound which got cancelled by Microsoft nearly bankrupted them despite everything else going good for them.


Investors get a say in what gets made or put into a game.


>Japan is fucking dead to us
I wouldn't write off everyone and everything just yet. This is the one game that never ends.

c9981 No.200787

Report niggerpill on sight.

0a085 No.200792

Why did my posts get deleted?
Also already a thread.

55e64 No.200793

File: 1578439876451.png (57.4 KB, 1155x777, 123.PNG)

Not counting Nier Tomato, what was the last good game this company made?

They're going to ride out the wave of Nier as people will buy their games just for that and forget about all the fuckups after Bayo2.

5fe48 No.200794

was astral chain any good?

98d00 No.200795

>Wait, platinum is failing as a business?
Platinum has bridges burnt left and right to almost everyone that isnt Nintendo itself. Such as Cygames booted Platinum out so hard from the Granblue RPG project that Cygames scrubbed off their partnership from the trailers and credits. The Scalebound project which was a failure from Microsoft's side and Babylon's Fall seems to use chunks from the failed project. There is supposedly a smartphone game with a release date originally set in 2018 but never seen the light of the day.

d80b3 No.200796

>astral chain
>your protag moveset is very basic, and only becomes slightly more fleshed out as you progress through the game, the same thing with legion/stands
>you can't jump normally, you have to awkwardly move back and forth on the stick, sync attack to float in the air or headshot airborne enemies and hope it drops them down to the ground
>most of the 'advanced' techniques aren't that interesting or really practical to use, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQO-74WEm6o
>scoring system is bad if a fight goes past a minute due to how it works, variety is rewarded but if you can't have actual variety within a really short fight, you have to chase not taking damage instead but that gets trickier to do on ultimate due to a quirk of legion/stands taking damage. You can take a lot of damage but still S+ because you 'remembered' to flush out your entire moveset and legions.
>30fps, dips horribly if you can't overclock your switch, there is a specific mission where you have to shoot targets in the air and the stuttering is unbearable

there's this one motorcycle mission (again with these shit fucking motorcycle sections), that's hard to S+ on their highest difficulty because your legion/stand takes damage when hit compared to standard/casual, so you have to micromanage your legion even more than ever and is more or less required due to the scoring system, some of the more restricted missions like fighting akira as a fusion requires some cheese to get through

bc34d No.200797

They make decent games in a niche market, but corner themselves with system exclusivity and strained overlong development times. There is really no excuse for wasting years to churn out little things like their Nintendo exclusives.

Vanillaware is next.

cb1e9 No.200800

At this point ww3 would be welcome.

95e80 No.200802

>Cygames booted Platinum out so hard from the Granblue RPG project that Cygames scrubbed off their partnership from the trailers and credits
What the hell. I remember the first gameplay reveal was a bit weak, but that was to be expected since it was still in early development. I wonder what happened.

91c97 No.200804

File: 1578443007117.jpg (1.41 MB, 2560x1440, 0.jpg)

Metal Gear Rising. Everything after MGR is shovelware. Fuck Platinumgames then. Kojima is even worse.

98d00 No.200807

>Vanillaware is next
Vanillaware got fucked by Squeenix once and was almost killed by Atlus for the release date of Odin Sphere that the company was not going to survive if Muramasa and Grim Grimoire hadnt been produced and shoved out. To the shame of everybody, oneandzero is no longer a website and you cant archive.org the interviews, but he translated a famitsu interview from start to finish that was pretty interesting to read. Kamitani quite literally took a loan that was big enough to financially ruin himself forever just to keep the company afloat long enough to shove out those games. So they put them in production and Marvelous saved the Vanillaware team by the skin of their balls by taking on the projects.
That said I wouldnt certainly mind Vanillaware to develop PC ports of their games since there is a noticeable market by now (mostly thanks to Steam) to seize some profits out of it. But then I recall Atlus USA hold the rights for the localization of said games so this may prove tricky.
fuck off Luciano and go back to your shitty blog

2ffbc No.200814

File: 1578445338777.webm (12.89 MB, 854x480, 共鳴世界の存在論.webm)


Why wouldn't they just kickstart or beg for shekels like every other smaller company? Do they think they're above that?

4a108 No.200815

They've done literally nothing except atrocious coomerbait like Nier A and Astral Shit ever since selling out to Soytendo.

bc34d No.200819

>coomerbait like Nier A and Astral Shit
lol ban the sexist gaems

5fe48 No.200824

go back

7e2d4 No.200832

You mean just like the "Strategic Partnership" that Squeenix agreed with Tencent.

c0c9d No.200837

Publishers are burning bridges or just being assholes, unless there's more info and not he-said-she-said bullshit rumors, we can't say for certain but it's been bad for Platinum, hell Square Enix should have bought them out after NieR Automata, maybe they could show them pointers on not making a shit action game like Left Alive.

Wow, this is top-shit bait, but have you been browsing shiddit's coomer subs for you to think that you would fit in?

4c05f No.200850

File: 1578454486486.png (286.08 KB, 643x620, 1576703953110.png)

c0c9d No.200851

Dipshit, go ask the other retard who used his new reddit vocabulary instead of talking like someone who has anything worth to say on why his shit opinions are worth a damn.

4c05f No.200854

File: 1578455538326.jpg (77.69 KB, 900x900, didyoureallythinkidletyoul….jpg)

Anon you need to calm down and say something logical

cc2ec No.200855

Reddit has a hard time adapting to the "chan culture" in his words without looking like a raging faggot.

c0c9d No.200856

Oh, so you're just pretending to be a retarded starfish, glad you got something worth to say, coomer.

cc2ec No.200857

You sound like a fucking bot with the way you pick up worthless word jargon and pass it around like anyone wants your herpes.

4c05f No.200858

File: 1578455731774.png (194.68 KB, 468x342, 1411882765467.png)

Don't worry Anon. I know you're baiting. Of course you're baiting. You made it so obvious in this last post as opposed to your previous ones. You're a master

5fe48 No.200860

sometimes i wish 4um never discovered this site but of course the cakekike cares only about that pee pee aitch

c0c9d No.200861

And you sound like a faggot retard defending your boyfriend's down syndrome, it's not his fault he's a retard who puts lego blocks in his asshole. The both of you can have your circlejerk, go fap with each other.

4c05f No.200868

File: 1578456274539.png (95.31 KB, 305x326, newfag.png)

Imagine acting like you're a contributing poster yet you can't be bothered to find decent images to post on your imageboard

cc2ec No.200875

It's called being retarded.

cbe39 No.200881

>infinite space
i need to play that.

cc2ec No.200882

It's a great simulation RPG. The battle system is fucking retarded to cheese once you learn to but the scenario makes up for the retarded combat.

9bc24 No.200932

>That said I wouldnt certainly mind Vanillaware to develop PC ports of their games since there is a noticeable market by now (mostly thanks to Steam) to seize some profits out of it. But then I recall Atlus USA hold the rights for the localization of said games so this may prove tricky.

isn't atlus mainly a bitch about persona? and aren't they owned by sega? sega knows they can make easy money with a proper port and having the vanillaware games on one platform would be even better (if they start with DC the rest should market itself by brand even more).

a6542 No.200936

Some part of me thought death stranding wouldn't be this directly political.

49993 No.200941

>Square Enix should have bought them out
Kill yourself, regardless of this bugman situation, that's still fucking cancerous.

4277d No.200971

>not counting
Don't worry, you can count it and it won't make it to the list of good games anyway.

17b4e No.200975

I mean, if we arent counting Atomato, Bayonetta was pretty good. Havent played any of the others though.

263cc No.200979

I tried that game but really fucking hated the melee battles. I got as far as the first main plot one where you were taking over a station or some shit and couldn't beat it because it just seemed like such a clusterfuck. Does the game get better?

ae2f4 No.200981

>Scalebound which got cancelled by Microsoft nearly bankrupted them
Was this intentional by Microsoft in order to try acquiring them?

4c05f No.201051

File: 1578521220350.jpg (117.2 KB, 750x744, better.jpg)

> big bad blumpf
> wicked wunder wall
Praise kojimbo

c66d3 No.201079

Oh no the combat's horrible gimmicky shit, about the only thing good about it is the plot, you could just watch a longplay for that. Don't even bother playing it if you feel like you're wasting your time, it's just a cheaper budget clone of the ship recruitment parts of Skies of Arcadia.

5b299 No.201088

Platinum has produced more good games than bad. Clearly OP was spurned by the company in some way.

c66d3 No.201096

Plenty of times I've had to listen to the shitspiral of Platinum failing to sell copies of their games since nobody bothers to market them let alone make any fucking commercials, or it's the fucking Wii U.

95e80 No.201105

No, the project was hamstrung by MS executives who kept meddling with the creative process and constantly demanded changes to meet their target market needs (look at the trailer, the initial protagonist was supposed to be a loli) until they finally gutted the whole thing for some reason.

I honestly wonder if anything besides Nier Tomato, Bayo and MGR sold well.

b10e4 No.201124

Astral Chain sales exceeded their expectations.

e81c9 No.201371

File: 1578605304965.jpg (112.57 KB, 422x422, 16deb083d88cf4330c3ec6c66d….jpg)

Here we go:
>backs of muh immigrants
>let a black guy …
>… take a shot :^)
>SOMEWHERE along the line, people [SUDDENLY] BECAME so damned … … … intolerant
>Orange man bad …
>… he wanted to build a wall to keep [allegedly] LEGAL immigrants LIKE ME out
>America bad, no land of free! Woe is me, for what am I to do now, in this land that I wasn't born in, in this LAND THAT DOESN'T WANT ME?!
>How dare these conceited foreign devils have peace of mind in their own country!
Like pottery.

08667 No.201373

>Japanese man writes about immigrant life in another country
Does Kojima have any actual experience with living in America as an immigrant, the immigration process, and American culture. I know writers can't accurately portray all fields and experiences outside of their expertise, which is why its obvious here.

fa05b No.201379

No, Kojima is a liberal fucking idiot, from I read about Kenji Eno working with corporate 3DO in San Francisco a lot of these people are drug abusing retards.

799dc No.201395

File: 1578610998172.jpg (49.89 KB, 634x381, 6543635.jpg)

I wonder if Platinum will wish us all a Happy Chinese New Year on the 25th. That'll make for a good image

bc4f8 No.201437

No, i am sure Kojimbo knows jackshit about anything apart from (((hollywood))) movies and he's just trying to lick their asses to feel accepted.
What a fucking faggot, hope he commits sudoku soon.

af42f No.201438

considering how much he spends time on twitter and around hollywood elites he probably thinks the same way an average left winger in the us probably would

72a36 No.201452

it was great

aea28 No.201552

What does Kamiya think about this?

1955f No.201559

>immigrants are bad
>burgers are immigrants who slaughtered the natives
Burgers have no shame nor do they read their history.

b1274 No.201577

Doesn't help most white americans are post-Civil War immigrants too, so nothing to brag about original americana.

50dc1 No.201581


ce1f5 No.201585

File: 1578673495500.gif (329.77 KB, 500x364, 02a1d6bbaf8f5dca1721e4450e….gif)

>Indians are native Americans
>Indians have anything to do with American culture

50dc1 No.201589

Who are you quoting?

8abd0 No.201594

File: 1578677630001.png (48.12 KB, 640x480, 1430446778399-0.png)

When you are deluded into thinking everyone is intrinsically equal, anything that would exclude anyone is irrational and thereby logically evil. That;s the mental illness of Hollywood and modern leftists in the face of increasingly surmounting evidence to the contrary. They would rather keep believing in the fairy tale that all people of the world can be friends and neighbors because reality is racist and mean.

d756e No.201824

Start by killing yourself, Luciano.

d6dab No.202352

>americans are immigrants
>south americans are immigrants

See the difference there, shitskin? Remember your kind did the same, just worse.

c39e6 No.202495

File: 1578880382987.webm (6.48 MB, 480x360, 1461383916650.webm)

I'm quoting >>201559
Not sure if it's on my end, but when I go to make a reply previous replies are still saved and I have to remove them before replying. Sometimes I accidentally remove the link to the reply I'm quoting and/or forget to add it back when I'm done.
Most people also fail to realize that "all men" in "All men are created equal" only refers to white men since at the time (1776) the other races were thought to be sub-human.

3d574 No.202498

I see your point, cumskin. You are correct. That is why Jamal and Tyrone are settling in and your women are getting blacked.

760af No.202502

>black guy and a woman
>and a woman
Daily reminder that Vanquish never happened

c66d3 No.202509

>Most people also fail to realize that "all men" in "All men are created equal" only refers to white men since at the time (1776) the other races were thought to be sub-human.
But they are, they lack the ability to rationalize empathy, they emulate it but can't comprehend it.

3c984 No.202567

That is why we will genocide shitskins this time. There is nothing wrong in killing you all.

a8a06 No.202607

File: 1578900223681.jpg (130.15 KB, 564x622, you mad white boi.JPG)

>you mad white boi
Get in the oven Shlomo.

03ee8 No.202847

I don't even want to know what your room must smell like.

e7370 No.202853

Seeing as how he's a model of the white race, it probably smells like America and freedom.

4bdd8 No.202856

I remember when Mark turned on country flags for a day and someone that typed just liked him was revealed to have been posting from Brazil. Then someone uncovered a person with the same "impotent leftists" posting style like the aforementioned on OneAngryGamer named. "Luciano":


Brazilians can be white, right?

2e4fe No.203022

Nier automata wasn't good though

8d52e No.203045

Reminder it was discovered that BR niggers were also behind the medbull spam as well when dysnomia randomly enabled flags on /b/ and every single one of those posts had the hue flag.

08860 No.203170

>SOMEWHERE along the line, people [SUDDENLY] BECAME so damned … … … intolerant
And for no reason at all they began voting hitler into power.

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