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7100f No.200811

What games have cool magic systems that either make me feel like real mage researching shit that can reshape the fucking world, or at the very least give me the feeling of being a powerful battlemage which can cast powerful spells to devestate his enemies.

I personally really like modding Minecraft for this purpose with mods like Thaumcraft so I can fuck around gathering materials and researching shit like that.

Any games give feeling of being an actual wizard? Necromancers are cool too

a91b6 No.200827

Ars magica was better, except for the awful scaling level system.
I think it was back when guild wars first released I tried it out and tried going a necromancer route, it was pretty cool summoning fleshy monsters. Lost interest in it overall pretty quickly because I didn't care for the whole concept of an MMORPG.
I only remember how bad the controls were for the harry potter game on playstation, and how I ended up skipping most of the content by accident because I'd run into events that progressed the story and threw me into sections I couldn't back track out of.
Other than that, Wazhack is pretty fun in small doses but you need more luck than anything in that game and it's not strictly about wizarding.
I doubt there's anything available that gives you a decent wizarding experience though.

a62b7 No.200843

>Ars magica
Too bad he quit, and the person who's making it now made the choice to make it from scratch. At least other magic mods are trying to make spell creation systems.

5f624 No.200899

I liked witchery, which as an aside also had fun vampirism and lycanthropy. I think having to do rituals and cool, preferably ever more insane shit > abstracted "magic" that acts like a science but makes no logical sense.

56f52 No.200903

>minecraft has better magic than games about magic
Why? Where's the fun games that really explore magic as a subject instead of just being a thing you shoot at enemies?

54270 No.200907

Zaps u for 18 dmg

035f3 No.200911

Noita is still currently in early access, but I think the devs are doing a decent job. Quite like the hermetic references, still, pirate it.
Lost Magic is also pretty fun for what it is.
Honorable mention for Dragon's Dogma. Not much of a researching phase, but boy oh boy do the high level spells feel actually powerful.
If you have a close knit group of friends that aren't idiots and like tabletop RPG, Mage: the Ascension is fun enough for what it is, but do be careful around its supposed lore and SJWism.

785b9 No.201065

Have you tried the AbyssalCraft mod yet?

73980 No.201108

Outward had a branch of magic that was based around using runes in combination to make more powerful spells
you learned 4 rune spells, by themselves useless, but when combined would create all kinds of shit. ie: rune 1 and 2 would create a floating magical lightsource, runes 1 and 3 would create an explosive magical landmine, runes 3 and 4 would launch a fireball. so on and so forth.

it was a nice gimmick but it was mostly poorly implemented because outward was a messy game with not much effort put into it.

7100f No.201129

Yes, I like it as well for the sole reason of adding a lot of dangerous, creepy shit into my world.
Demonic animals are spooky as all hell.

93baa No.201173

>Lost Magic
Is that the one on the DS where you had to draw the runes to cast spells?

b2f02 No.201206

Dragon's Dogma had magic that wasn't necessarily really detailed in how you cast spells and stuff, but its power arc was fucking awesome
>start as a mage
>you can like buff weapons or shoot a fireball and are squishy as shit
>switch to Sorcerer once you've unlocked it
>call down meteors, conjure tornadoes and summon huge spears of ice to kill your foes
>when you perform these long-ass spells the weaker foes (goblins etc) will actually run from you because they know

ffb79 No.201229

Yeah, that's the one. The better you draw spells, the more powerful they come out. You'll eventually combine the runes so that you can make specific effects, hence the discovery part.

11ca5 No.201241

>run from you because they know
I wish I could draw the image this conjured :^) in my mind.

157dc No.201609

>feel like real mage researching shit that can reshape the fucking world
Skyrim with multiple magic mods can sort of be this. With enough gimmicky spells, you can find combinations that work in unexpected ways.
A more serious suggestion would be Cultist Simulator. Pore over obscure tomes of arcane lore to learn reality-warping secrets, use rituals to summon eldritch horrors to (hopefully) do your bidding, compile notes on exactly how everything works, ascend to a higher plane of existence. I'd recommend avoiding the DLC legacies ("Dancer", "Priest", and "Medium?") until after your first successful playthrough.

a88dc No.202574

Thaumcraft's research is interesting. It's fucking infuriating to keep scanning shit and not have the knowledge to get anything out of it yet, but at the same time it feels like that's how magic research should be.
Are there any other mods or games where magic research is deeper than tossing EXP at it?

09888 No.202652

Arx Fatalis had a cool system where you had to draw runes with the mouse.

ae591 No.202666

>Thaumcraft's research is interesting
It really isn't. It used to be an idle time sink, now it's a baby tier puzzle game gated behind grinding new blocks.

8550b No.202746

It's cool but it doesn't work half the time

02f82 No.202751

Because it was programmed for smaller screens. Try Arx Libertatis, that should fix it.

785b9 No.202852

Which versions of Thaumcraft are you both talking about?

a88dc No.202955

I meant as a concept, not that it itself is interesting, Satan.

4, because it's the only version with the addon that lets you put mobs in jars. I'm also sick of trying to get things to work after changing mods.

ea618 No.202956

>post deleted
Eat lead nigger, you've been shilling that shittly simulator for months.

e9fe6 No.202957

File: 1578970600773.jpg (46.51 KB, 970x570, feature-970x570.jpg)

Invoker from Dota 2 unironically had the best magic system I've seen. It was the rune combining shit you see in games like Arx and Ultima except way faster paced. You made a combination of 3 from 3 elements. You selected elements by pressing Q W or E, you could use the same element twice, and every single combination gave you something. I think that gave you 10 spells total. What made it very interesting is the spell combo'd into eachother extremely well.

For example: Q-W-W gave you a tornado that knocked people in the air, and then you used E-E-W to drop a meteor that had a delay which rolls on the ground, then E-E-E to sunstrike which had a delay, then when they landed you would Q-W-E to deafening blast which would push them in the path the meteor was rolling in.
Another example: Q-Q-Q made people get stunned everytime they got hit, and Q-E-E created forged spirits which could attack with you, and W-W-E made you attack way faster so you could essentially perma stun someone.
There were tons of fucking examples, and you needed to remember the combos pretty much with 1 second. If someone jumped on you, then you can tornado (Q-W-W) them in the air and then turn invisible (Q-Q-W) and run away.

I think Magicka had a similar system, but the usage of spells was nowhere near what you needed to play as Invoker in Dota. Also the spells didn't seem as important. Pretty much all of invokers spells fill some sort of niche.

Too bad it's trapped in a shit game.

521c6 No.202972

Path of Exile can sort of do this. It's the nature of the game that you have an active skill supported by something like 3-6 support skills and those support skills can somewhat change the way the ability operates. Combined with the passive tree, the ascendancy system, unique items, and gearing choices, you can play at being a magical researcher if you want, and build all kinds of unusual spells and abilities to destroy all life in the game. That said most of the combos are done to make something hit harder or faster.

Invoker did not assemble spells, really. He just had a massive amount of predefined spells that you would enable with specific combinations. I think OP is looking more for design-your-own-magic type shit.

031b2 No.202980

>He just had a massive amount of predefined spells that you would enable with specific combinations.
I mean now it's getting kinda semanticy. All video games with a crafting system would have predefined spells, otherwise you couldn't make them.

1a2c3 No.202996

Doesn't work 75% of the time more like. Even with Arx Libertatus it is incredibly janky.

26118 No.202997

you know that doesn't sound too different from lost magic actually, except instead of pressing one of of three buttons you have to draw one of 18 runes. Although admittedly most of the 2 rune combos are basically do spell A with element/strength B.
Also not every three rune combo actually works but that just encourages you to remember the ones that do.

49e14 No.202998

>I mean now it's getting kinda semanticy. All video games with a crafting system would have predefined spells, otherwise you couldn't make them.
Nah, the idea is that you can be flexible in choosing how your spell operates and what it does. Imagine a better version of PoE's skill system (more focused on giving you interesting options than giving you flat DPS) and you have an idea of one basic way this could be done. What you're describing is as garbage as recommending RPGs with WoW-esque recipe crafting systems when people want RPGs where you can actually craft your own gear. If you cannot meaningfully define or alter the properties of the end result, you are not really creating it yourself because the "crafting" component holds no meaning over the result and it just becomes another way to collect crap.

8ffe1 No.203023

Wizard in SS13, because you're overpowered as fuck and the only way to keep you from casting your spells is by shooting you with a syringe gun that knocks out asleep instantly. As long as you can talk you can fuck people up.

bd9d9 No.203029

I kinda posted invoker because of the lines in the OP
>or at the very least give me the feeling of being a powerful battlemage which can cast powerful spells to devestate his enemies.
>Any games give feeling of being an actual wizard? Necromancers are cool too
Invoker is the first time I felt like being an actual wizard, because you are constantly under the pressure of knowing what spell to cast and how to cast it. If you can't remember ghost walk when someone is about to rape you you're basically dead.

I know a lot of games have a similar system. It's just that I haven't seen one were you need to hammer out the spells like crazy with fast as fuck fingers. A lot of times if you don't get them out fast enough the other player will simply escape or kill you, or if you can't remember the spell within 1-2 seconds you will probably die.

Now they did add a memory slot were you can save 2 spells, so a lot of bad invokers will constantly have ghost walk on standby

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