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File: 1578780272544.jpg (622.5 KB, 1080x1046, f26ac74def47d1d3d49f9dd55c….jpg)

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ITT: Spoil the ending of a Video Game using verbose, intentionally vague, and/or strange wording, other anons will try to guess what game it is that you just spoiled

I'll start.
>The celestial event everyone in the world was interested in was actually part of a convoluted keikaku by your boss in order to summon the evil god you worship

I'll throw in another just to get your creative juices flowing.
>You wake up 'employed' by some green hippies who later help you find your target, and after the final boss fight you just end up being brainwashed by a weird non corporeal entity while your target gets to become the protagonist of his own video game (which actually came first technically)
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69b6b No.202645

Medal of Honor? I can only remember that being another military fps set in the world wars.

28619 No.202654

That's it!

28619 No.202659

I'll give you another one
>You kill the moon worshipping faggot over and over thanks to the magical powers of incest

fd483 No.202661

Wrong. Try again ?

e089e No.202662

>the culprit of this particular mystery was the somewhat faggy but not quite THE faggiest-looking guy in the game so far
>he's probably not the guy who killed your wife, but he's the fourth of them for some reason
>our closest friend, a homage to the dev's earlier games, is probably not as loyal to us as he'd want us to think
>that's it, that's the ending, the game never continues because the developer became an alcoholic tranny lover

bcc14 No.202677

its killzone

b5733 No.202694

Sorry anon, I can't figure it out. Maybe Drakengard but if that's not it, I'm at a total loss. I may simply have not played it.

1b322 No.202699

>the culprit of this particular mystery was the somewhat faggy but not quite THE faggiest-looking guy in the game so far
>developer became an alcoholic tranny lover

274bf No.202704

>the thing that was full of darkness was actually full of light
>then it was full of darkness again

e68fd No.202705

File: 1578933156625.jpg (91.37 KB, 1280x720, Nick Kang.jpg)

7f0a2 No.202708

i played the one in jew york city, didn't, even knew you could play a chink doing what they do best, killing other chink.

fd483 No.202744

Not Drakengard. You may have not played it, it's rather recent after all.

4fcbb No.202810

Streets of Jew York will never not be shit.
True Crime is supposed to be about chinks and hapas.

11f8f No.202871

The one you gave must be vid related.

064c8 No.202918

File: 1578966834046.jpg (196.82 KB, 1310x808, da1a3497b63c3482caf417bf54….jpg)

>In an attempt to earn salvation for something that wasn't your fault, you take on a huge responsibility and do pretty much everything right, but the literal world was against you so you only suffered for your deeds, even at the end where you were reunited with the only person you failed to help

Dark Souls?

2920e No.202920

asura's wrath?

71510 No.202990

Bravely Default.

You know that side character at the beginning of the game who gets unceremoniously killed off after you saved his life? As it turns out, he was responsible for everything.

Or alternatively: The Chinese afterlife is fucking weird.

a7622 No.203000

File: 1578982227356.jpg (35.79 KB, 500x500, 3b69122d1eec1e1a79c30f2171….jpg)

Kingdom Hearts 1. I will never forget how fucking stupid that was.

51649 No.203001

>the entire franchise was just two guys playing chess
>the 3rd game ends with the bad guy being all good again and the main protag dies
>secret ending is the either set up for twewy 2 or a game with squeenix universes
>possibly gets retconned with the DLC

69fa9 No.203014

File: 1578985540125.jpg (31.53 KB, 640x320, manuel.jpg)

The Jew York one is shit, but the chink one is great. It has multiple endings, one of which is a top tier dance ending, and like every game with a character with a hint of Asian you can fight Kung Fu.
Also it's a PS2-era game but I recall it takes 30 minutes to drive around the map. It has shit detail as a result, but there's plenty of detail elsewhere. Plenty of space to chase criminals though. It's great. Play it anon.

830da No.203053

True Crime: Hong Kong, aka Sleeping Dogs is great. If memory serves me right, it's probably my favorite GTA style open world game.

66670 No.203061

File: 1579015784047.jpg (103.71 KB, 648x648, 1576361195913-2.jpg)

What's the status of PS2 emulation ? Can i do it with fedora on a toaster or do i need to treat it like a xbox emulator aka don't even try ?
That make me want to play them. Thanks for the tip lad.

69fa9 No.203066

There's a PC port that should run fine on WINE.

3bb93 No.203157

Good, you got it.

a7de8 No.203160

File: 1579031354451.png (72.27 KB, 1500x500, 373f89c91d46bc623c82d0f3ed….png)

i'll try it out to see if my toaster can handle it, you're the man.

4f34d No.203185

This image is a few years old now. What's babby up to in life?

66670 No.203187

let's ask VICE to do a check on him and redo his smug face tbh famalam desu senpai.

69fa9 No.203233

Getting his neghole pozzed and dilating.

51649 No.203234

what if hes lurking this very imageboard

064c8 No.203246

File: 1579046341918.jpg (435.02 KB, 600x791, cockmongler.jpg)

It's well older than just a 'few years', anon. I'd say this is probably that baby now
The real cockmongler is probably in his fifties by now

24f54 No.203247

kinda hot

db9b1 No.203367

File: 1579084937771.jpg (377.94 KB, 1920x1080, 1435615337647-1.jpg)

>you explore a city because you're dead and you have to find out why
I know this was already answered, but you anons should play this shit.

c7713 No.203374


Fear Effect.

bcc14 No.203404

any way to play it on wangblows7?

66670 No.203426

A quick google check would have tell you that they released it on windows.

f7868 No.203427

Got it!

bcc14 No.203429

I know they did, and I pirated it, and it doesnt work with the only solution being to play it in xp

bcc14 No.203431

File: 1579113752820.jpg (25.06 KB, 450x600, Old Grinman.jpg)

Grinman is old

4640e No.203433

He looks alright. Lost gains obviously though.

bcc14 No.203438

Wonder what he looks like now

7cfbd No.203441

It's Cock Mongler, you fucking newfag.

bcc14 No.203448

File: 1579118691466.jpg (61.12 KB, 354x640, whitecat.jpg)

For fuck's sake…
Alright, Word Of Power time. It's Grinman. Always has been, always will be. Not Cockmongler. I'm not saying this towards the trolls who've flooded this thread with Cockmongler shit - they've no hope already. I'm saying this for your benefit - the Anonymous onlooker. You may be new and know nothing about this yet, or you may be old and just plain ignorant. But it's not Cockmongler. It started a few months ago, and it's everywhere. Take it from me. It's Grinman. You don't have to believe me, but I recommend that you do. If you don't, just keep it in the back of your head…the last flickering candle of truth. He's the Grinman. Not Cockmongler. Have some Whitecat too (not Longcat).

8a798 No.203450

I'll call him that but only because Cockmongler is a stupid name

66670 No.203451

didn't run under wine, installed it fine but can't launch it
old games are a pain in the ass sometimes.

e089e No.203604

File: 1579129964552.gif (943.04 KB, 180x180, york smile.gif)

While he was a fed, let's not go THAT far. The only thing glowing about York was that smile of his.

39f7f No.203610

a fed is by definition a glow in the dark, but i can't disagree with you, he could charm death itself, and he did. what a madman.

a7622 No.203719

File: 1579141637457.jpg (48.88 KB, 670x671, 0a6d6cbac66287d8750b17f8e7….jpg)

It's kind of weird reading a copypasta that's old enough to be legal in certain places.

d3764 No.203725

I've got a real knocker for you
>bdsm enthusiasts drag you off to die until you are saved by a hormonal teenager with daddy issues. you scream at and are screamed at by old men who help you kill the hormonal teenager and stop his eating disorder from ruining everything

1107d No.203727

File: 1579144563856.webm (1.94 MB, 1136x640, cat_melancholy.webm)

Your pic and post remind me of a sad thought I had the other day; all the cats in early lolcat pics are probably dead now.

ed487 No.203731

Longcat's still alive actually.
All the others are dead though.

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