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File: 1578780272544.jpg (622.5 KB, 1080x1046, f26ac74def47d1d3d49f9dd55c….jpg)

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ITT: Spoil the ending of a Video Game using verbose, intentionally vague, and/or strange wording, other anons will try to guess what game it is that you just spoiled

I'll start.
>The celestial event everyone in the world was interested in was actually part of a convoluted keikaku by your boss in order to summon the evil god you worship

I'll throw in another just to get your creative juices flowing.
>You wake up 'employed' by some green hippies who later help you find your target, and after the final boss fight you just end up being brainwashed by a weird non corporeal entity while your target gets to become the protagonist of his own video game (which actually came first technically)

7f0a2 No.202052

>you're a schizophrenic glow in the dark sperg on a drug traficking case in a little american town that run around at night shooting hobo meth head and shoot his waifu whose body is growing bloody weed, gaben is the true evil of the story a'd it end up giving you white hair because of all the drug you took.

7ec71 No.202066

don't open the fucking tomb

7a512 No.202084

File: 1578786223642.webm (1.17 MB, 540x360, don't open it.webm)

8c86d No.202092

>The entire plot was caused by your boss in an elaborate attempt to mechanize your job

7f0a2 No.202121

easy one, Dwarf Fortress

9fe1a No.202125

File: 1578793811912.jpg (53.73 KB, 450x600, 085896451e45265e5d656732d5….jpg)

>template threads from 4chan

064c8 No.202129

File: 1578794865924.png (17.16 KB, 409x406, 75bee3824153033c4cee3798cd….png)

I don't think you know what the word "template" means. You're trying way too hard to fit in, dude.

Eternal Darkness?

185eb No.202134

Tameem may Cry

Some new ones:
>kill yourself
>pick a color
>run down a space elevator
>it was a movie all along
>clown party
>it was a meteor all along

48184 No.202143

File: 1578796336756.png (138.94 KB, 1024x1024, 46972618_p0.png)

Each of these are different games
>In order to prevent not!satan from ending the world, the not!pope took his place.
>All but one of the playable characters have been dead for 30+ years
>The game starts with the MC killing peasants and ends with him getting uncomfortably close to his sister
Pic unrelated.

2920e No.202144

>pick a color

51649 No.202146

>everyone who isn't me is a bad guy
>but i'll dicksuck the bad guy anyway at the end

9fe1a No.202150

>I got called out for being a 4cuck nigger, so I better call you a 4cuck nigger back!
Get out.

fbac2 No.202213



18822 No.202214

it's not a video game it's actually a show, characters were just a bunch of cosplay larpers essentially.
>>template threads from 4chan
>lets have fun
no it's not

51649 No.202215

danganronpa v3?

18822 No.202216

File: 1578825229425.gif (3.1 MB, 1273x716, SHAKE 2.gif)

Too obvious I guess but yes.

51649 No.202220

heres some piss easy ones
>radicool animal gets games that decrease in quality
>mall zombie game
>the world ends and you explore
>you explore a city because your dead and have to find out why
>friendship simulator with bribery and socializing
>aliens hate us so fuck them i guess

78e73 No.202221

File: 1578826829514.png (275.42 KB, 632x321, ClipboardImage.png)

Sinner's Sandwich Simulator

51649 No.202222

Deadly Premonition was pretty good

8c86d No.202223

Objective: Kill Strelok

668f8 No.202225

>DP2 is coming out
>still no functional version of DP1 available on PC
Why are japs either extremely competent or utterly incompetent.

668f8 No.202228

This one should be pretty easy, even though I tried to make it as difficult as I could without omitting too much.
>MC has lifelong rivalry with brother
>don't see each other for a while
>brother invites MC to his house
>hose-guests are really rude
>brother is betrayed by event organizer
>temporarily make up to defeat evil organizer
>struggle afterwards but now have respect for one another and go their separate ways

>mall zombie game
Dead Rising
>the world ends and you explore
>you explore a city because your dead and have to find out why
Murdered Soul Suspect?

7f0a2 No.202233


bcc14 No.202244


a3b6a No.202245

It's hard to be verbose and descriptive, but at the same time obscure and challenging. I can never think of the funny descriptions some anons can.
Anyways, this should be easy.
>In this universe of lies and false promises, your race is doomed to an eternity of mining and trading the different colored spices and constant agonizing pleas for help from your comrades across the stars.
>>202066 (checked)
>No one has guessed vtmb
Disappointed in you all.

18822 No.202247

>your race is doomed to an eternity of mining and trading the different colored spices and constant agonizing pleas for help from your comrades across the stars.
space mode in spore?

93be7 No.202248

Donte's Fornication 3. Here's one from me
>Final boss is revealed at the very end and it's your edgy robot clone
>Even your other edgy clone is outedged by the fact that it's got so many edgy spikes so he helps you to defeat the edgy fucker
>In the end nothing relevant happens and the next big entry in the series is shit

a3b6a No.202249

Winrar, over 9,000 internet's for you Anon.

668f8 No.202250

Another. Tried to make it harder but may have been to unspecific:
>Invasion of unearthly forces
>MC fights through the hordes
>beats up old friend
>world and mc is saved by MC

Too esoteric, especially considering that 2/3 of the game you do stuff having nothing to do with the sarcophagus.
Also, a tomb is not the same as a sarcophagus.


bcc14 No.202253

File: 1578840190588.jpg (92.22 KB, 1280x720, MGSV.jpg)

>You get blown up at sea by an enemy organisation
>only because someone close to you betrayed you
>end up in a coma for years
>you get a new face and have to escape the hospital
>once you escape you find out that your organisation has died but some of your friends are still around
>you get the gang back together again but with a few extra people this time and in a different location this time
>slowly gain more resources over time increasing the strength of your organisation
>find the guy who betrayed you and work with him for a while untill you send him out to die
>now that you are strong enough you can take on the big bad guy
>kill his goons then execute him

18822 No.202255

It was pretty obvious anon.
I don't think you understood the purpose of the game anon
Sounds really familiar. I got a bit of inversion out of that but I don't think it's right.

bcc14 No.202256

I wasnt talking about MGSV, pic is entirely unrelated.

668f8 No.202258

File: 1578841442373.jpg (49.83 KB, 900x506, kazuma_kiryu_by_kinjinshi-….jpg)

Is that saints row?

It's not Inversion. I never played that. It's a 7th gen game franchise with two games made by a studio with a "celebrity" type person working at the studio.
I can give more hints.

bcc14 No.202260

You got it!

18822 No.202261

Not sure then, can't think of another game like it.
>it was saints row
fuck now I'm reading it again that makes sense.

668f8 No.202262

It's an action game in the vein of Devil May Cry. This should be easy enough now.

a0097 No.202263

Probably too easy but
>Fuck your wings, have some free will

18822 No.202269

File: 1578843158869.png (283.29 KB, 497x498, naruhodo-28552368.png)

Sorry anon, I don't think I've played this game.

1cca4 No.202270

>you save the world from your best friend

668f8 No.202271

File: 1578843446071.png (778.25 KB, 669x573, 877ab8cdad947169156b8087a0….png)

Asura's Wrath?

Don't read if you still want to guess: It's Bayonetta.
I'll think of a new one, once someone guesses it.

Sounds like a JRPG plot.

ecac5 No.202272

Throwing another one out there.
>A man with multiple personalities realized his organization was in his head
>So he gets a cool car instead.
>Too esoteric
Probably, but I'm not 7ec71. Anyways, the phrase "don't open it" Was echoed repeatedly by multiple characters throughout the game, and is the central determining point in the ending. The sarcophagus is the main focus of the plot, and while you don't directly interact with it until later, it's the Mcguffin that moves things along, aside from some sidequests. It's also a physical representation of all the fear surrounding gehenna, along with the fledgling, thinbloods, and Caine.
>Tomb and sarcophagus are different
True, but some anons not well versed in English might not be aware of it's specifics; I think it's a fair guess.

18822 No.202273

File: 1578844145700.jpg (15.95 KB, 564x443, 14344180_1158243807564090_….jpg)

I haven't played that so it's not surprising I didn't know that. though I should've guessed it was that because of your last clue

668f8 No.202274

>True, but some anons not well versed in English might not be aware of it's specifics
That is correct but it just goes to confuse those that actually speak english, although i suppose the OP simply didn't know. I was thinking of games with actual tombs, which are not lacking.
If it had been sarcophagus, I'd have immediately thought of VtMB. As you said, it is very important to the game.

Would be hard to guess but the hint for Platinum games was a dead give away for anyone who's actually played it. It's usually pretty hard to guess a game you haven't played.

7f0a2 No.202279

File: 1578849015158.jpg (89.23 KB, 480x515, SantaDeFrance.jpg)

>True, but some anons not well versed in English might not be aware of it's specifics
sarcophagus is sarcophage in french, i don't know in other latin and germanic language but i believe some word are safe to be told openly, i don't think it was necessary for you, even to accomodate ESL anon, anon.

Hardcore difficulty one.
>You are in Finland and more of less stranded depending of mother nature's mood but there is no pervitin to swallow nor ruski to evade but their cousins bears and wolfs to look out for, snownigger might mug your underpants and slash your throat but when there's a will there's a way and everywhere you go you must also rape. DO NOT LIE IN THE SNOW TO TAKE A REST

668f8 No.202288

Isn't that just unreal world?

064c8 No.202290

File: 1578850445145.png (180.92 KB, 777x650, bretonnia.png)

Got a normal-difficulty one
>you were just trying to pay the rent when a bunch of tree-huggers forced you to change from True Neutral to Lawful Neutral

If that's too hard, here's another (not necessarily from the same game) which could help
>a schism in the local fanatics goes a bit too far and, if not for water, would have put you out of a job, but you once again take up the mantle of lawful neutral to save the day, learning that tree hugging is okay in moderation

085ad No.202293

>you have to choose between 4 different routes where you will serve:
>a one eyed murderer who sees dead people
>a dindu who will fuck off to his own country once this shit show is over
>a crazy atheist bitch with a questionable understanding of history
>a really old pope with mommy issues, failing to romance her in this path leads to the worst ending in the game

8ba04 No.202298

File: 1578851505518.gif (2.35 MB, 480x320, Hector.gif)

I wasn't accommodating, just trying to solve what the Anon posted with that assumption in mind.

a86c4 No.202304

Easy one.
>MCs ex is his sister

064c8 No.202311

File: 1578853174162.gif (402.87 KB, 512x288, 71bf8a9cde6ba1d0a83208f1a3….gif)

Correct, well done.

Sounds like Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

I've got another one
>You and your two colleagues (who are more concerned with juice than artifacts) make a lot of friends on a new land you discovered by accident, and you later find a legendary guy who was taken captive by a weird mercury golem

1cca4 No.202328

>blundertale is a jrpg

18822 No.202329

If undertale is the answer then I don't remember either the flower or le epic sans being your best friend. More like some random skeleton dude who just had you do a bunch of weird shit.
Never finished the game though so maybe I'm wrong.

48184 No.202331

File: 1578856052161.jpg (55.72 KB, 640x360, Patroklos 2.jpg)

SoulCalibur V

668f8 No.202332

>game inspired by jrpgs has a plot that sounds like a jrpg plot
Go figure.

18822 No.202336

File: 1578856825837.gif (3.1 MB, 1273x716, shake2 fast.gif)

You either replied to the wrong person or lack reading comprehension. I'll let you decide.

7f0a2 No.202354

File: 1578858235514.png (200.08 KB, 680x447, meinNiegger.png)

yes :^)

668f8 No.202360

Mean to reply to >>202328

You're going to have to try harder than that then.

668f8 No.202374

I have another one.
>local teacher (and co.) save the planet

51649 No.202375

>the world ends and you explore
>you explore a city because your dead and have to find out why
Murdered Soul Suspect?
those two can work but i was also thinking of Fallout and The world ends with you

9645c No.202378

tales of symphonia

7f0a2 No.202386

All right
>You're a fucking nigger killing others nigger until you become a dindu, you then proceed to kill other niggers again but as a zogbot this time so you waz cops and shieet

668f8 No.202400

Forgot to say, sublime taste. Unreal World is underrated, even on /v/.

Never played that one.
I actually meant Wonderful 101.

San Andreas?
Almost Sleeping Dogs. Also sounds like a bit like Sin.

7f0a2 No.202402

Not San Andreas.

668f8 No.202404

Hint? If the MC is an actual Nigger, I may just not have played it.

51649 No.202406

True Crime?

7f0a2 No.202410

File: 1578864270702.jpg (489.49 KB, 2048x1536, 1574719153352.jpg)

Winner chicken nigger

bcc14 No.202454

You play as the "good guys" but end up destroying cities, comitting war crimes and ethnic cleansing, all this after you jewed the enemy out of their money right before the war started which caused the war to happen in the first place

18822 No.202457

A bunch of call duties.

fd483 No.202466

>both games are bad guys' attempts to reach 3D, which they think is "the realm of the gods"
>first time with dimension-hopping and destroying
>second time with a global war and monsters from the moon
>the players actually are characters in the games

The following spoiler is a huge help to guess the games. A third one has been announced recently.

a0097 No.202481

>Asura's Wrath
No, try again, the wheel must turn!

7f0a2 No.202482

Diablo 3 :^)

bcc14 No.202483

no, its some other bland brown/grey military shooter

d3393 No.202484

Kind of fits but not really what I had in mind.

7d896 No.202486

White Phosphorous Walkaround?

bcc14 No.202487

085ad No.202507

>fire emblem

0a452 No.202615

Time Splitters?

>the wheel must turn!
This sounds extremely familiar but I can't pinpoint it.

3b056 No.202642

Raziel's Adventure: Time Twisted

69b6b No.202645

Medal of Honor? I can only remember that being another military fps set in the world wars.

28619 No.202654

That's it!

28619 No.202659

I'll give you another one
>You kill the moon worshipping faggot over and over thanks to the magical powers of incest

fd483 No.202661

Wrong. Try again ?

e089e No.202662

>the culprit of this particular mystery was the somewhat faggy but not quite THE faggiest-looking guy in the game so far
>he's probably not the guy who killed your wife, but he's the fourth of them for some reason
>our closest friend, a homage to the dev's earlier games, is probably not as loyal to us as he'd want us to think
>that's it, that's the ending, the game never continues because the developer became an alcoholic tranny lover

bcc14 No.202677

its killzone

b5733 No.202694

Sorry anon, I can't figure it out. Maybe Drakengard but if that's not it, I'm at a total loss. I may simply have not played it.

1b322 No.202699

>the culprit of this particular mystery was the somewhat faggy but not quite THE faggiest-looking guy in the game so far
>developer became an alcoholic tranny lover

274bf No.202704

>the thing that was full of darkness was actually full of light
>then it was full of darkness again

e68fd No.202705

File: 1578933156625.jpg (91.37 KB, 1280x720, Nick Kang.jpg)

7f0a2 No.202708

i played the one in jew york city, didn't, even knew you could play a chink doing what they do best, killing other chink.

fd483 No.202744

Not Drakengard. You may have not played it, it's rather recent after all.

4fcbb No.202810

Streets of Jew York will never not be shit.
True Crime is supposed to be about chinks and hapas.

11f8f No.202871

The one you gave must be vid related.

064c8 No.202918

File: 1578966834046.jpg (196.82 KB, 1310x808, da1a3497b63c3482caf417bf54….jpg)

>In an attempt to earn salvation for something that wasn't your fault, you take on a huge responsibility and do pretty much everything right, but the literal world was against you so you only suffered for your deeds, even at the end where you were reunited with the only person you failed to help

Dark Souls?

2920e No.202920

asura's wrath?

71510 No.202990

Bravely Default.

You know that side character at the beginning of the game who gets unceremoniously killed off after you saved his life? As it turns out, he was responsible for everything.

Or alternatively: The Chinese afterlife is fucking weird.

a7622 No.203000

File: 1578982227356.jpg (35.79 KB, 500x500, 3b69122d1eec1e1a79c30f2171….jpg)

Kingdom Hearts 1. I will never forget how fucking stupid that was.

51649 No.203001

>the entire franchise was just two guys playing chess
>the 3rd game ends with the bad guy being all good again and the main protag dies
>secret ending is the either set up for twewy 2 or a game with squeenix universes
>possibly gets retconned with the DLC

69fa9 No.203014

File: 1578985540125.jpg (31.53 KB, 640x320, manuel.jpg)

The Jew York one is shit, but the chink one is great. It has multiple endings, one of which is a top tier dance ending, and like every game with a character with a hint of Asian you can fight Kung Fu.
Also it's a PS2-era game but I recall it takes 30 minutes to drive around the map. It has shit detail as a result, but there's plenty of detail elsewhere. Plenty of space to chase criminals though. It's great. Play it anon.

830da No.203053

True Crime: Hong Kong, aka Sleeping Dogs is great. If memory serves me right, it's probably my favorite GTA style open world game.

66670 No.203061

File: 1579015784047.jpg (103.71 KB, 648x648, 1576361195913-2.jpg)

What's the status of PS2 emulation ? Can i do it with fedora on a toaster or do i need to treat it like a xbox emulator aka don't even try ?
That make me want to play them. Thanks for the tip lad.

69fa9 No.203066

There's a PC port that should run fine on WINE.

3bb93 No.203157

Good, you got it.

a7de8 No.203160

File: 1579031354451.png (72.27 KB, 1500x500, 373f89c91d46bc623c82d0f3ed….png)

i'll try it out to see if my toaster can handle it, you're the man.

4f34d No.203185

This image is a few years old now. What's babby up to in life?

66670 No.203187

let's ask VICE to do a check on him and redo his smug face tbh famalam desu senpai.

69fa9 No.203233

Getting his neghole pozzed and dilating.

51649 No.203234

what if hes lurking this very imageboard

064c8 No.203246

File: 1579046341918.jpg (435.02 KB, 600x791, cockmongler.jpg)

It's well older than just a 'few years', anon. I'd say this is probably that baby now
The real cockmongler is probably in his fifties by now

24f54 No.203247

kinda hot

db9b1 No.203367

File: 1579084937771.jpg (377.94 KB, 1920x1080, 1435615337647-1.jpg)

>you explore a city because you're dead and you have to find out why
I know this was already answered, but you anons should play this shit.

c7713 No.203374


Fear Effect.

bcc14 No.203404

any way to play it on wangblows7?

66670 No.203426

A quick google check would have tell you that they released it on windows.

f7868 No.203427

Got it!

bcc14 No.203429

I know they did, and I pirated it, and it doesnt work with the only solution being to play it in xp

bcc14 No.203431

File: 1579113752820.jpg (25.06 KB, 450x600, Old Grinman.jpg)

Grinman is old

4640e No.203433

He looks alright. Lost gains obviously though.

bcc14 No.203438

Wonder what he looks like now

7cfbd No.203441

It's Cock Mongler, you fucking newfag.

bcc14 No.203448

File: 1579118691466.jpg (61.12 KB, 354x640, whitecat.jpg)

For fuck's sake…
Alright, Word Of Power time. It's Grinman. Always has been, always will be. Not Cockmongler. I'm not saying this towards the trolls who've flooded this thread with Cockmongler shit - they've no hope already. I'm saying this for your benefit - the Anonymous onlooker. You may be new and know nothing about this yet, or you may be old and just plain ignorant. But it's not Cockmongler. It started a few months ago, and it's everywhere. Take it from me. It's Grinman. You don't have to believe me, but I recommend that you do. If you don't, just keep it in the back of your head…the last flickering candle of truth. He's the Grinman. Not Cockmongler. Have some Whitecat too (not Longcat).

8a798 No.203450

I'll call him that but only because Cockmongler is a stupid name

66670 No.203451

didn't run under wine, installed it fine but can't launch it
old games are a pain in the ass sometimes.

e089e No.203604

File: 1579129964552.gif (943.04 KB, 180x180, york smile.gif)

While he was a fed, let's not go THAT far. The only thing glowing about York was that smile of his.

39f7f No.203610

a fed is by definition a glow in the dark, but i can't disagree with you, he could charm death itself, and he did. what a madman.

a7622 No.203719

File: 1579141637457.jpg (48.88 KB, 670x671, 0a6d6cbac66287d8750b17f8e7….jpg)

It's kind of weird reading a copypasta that's old enough to be legal in certain places.

d3764 No.203725

I've got a real knocker for you
>bdsm enthusiasts drag you off to die until you are saved by a hormonal teenager with daddy issues. you scream at and are screamed at by old men who help you kill the hormonal teenager and stop his eating disorder from ruining everything

1107d No.203727

File: 1579144563856.webm (1.94 MB, 1136x640, cat_melancholy.webm)

Your pic and post remind me of a sad thought I had the other day; all the cats in early lolcat pics are probably dead now.

ed487 No.203731

Longcat's still alive actually.
All the others are dead though.

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