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Archive to last thread: http://archive.ph/wip/6x7tF
Visual Novel Database/VNstat: https://vndb.org/ (https://vnstat.net/)
Visual Novel Starter Kit: https://pastebin.com/XKrrckWf (Includes info for beginners, terminology, recommendations, sources, and downloads for fonts and visual novels for beginners.)
Visual novel recommendation charts: http://animu-mango.wikia.com/wiki/VN_Recommendations
Nostalgic Visual Novels on-line: http://tss.asenheim.org/
Another online visual novel reading site: http://vnjs.thatplayer.com/
Rockmandash's Guide to Tablets for VNs: http://archive.is/B3cv5 (outdated but still guides you in the right direction)
Fuwanovel VNs on Android Guide: https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/1323-android-visual-novel-lets-play-visual-novel-on-the-go/
Machine translation guides: https://amaenboda.wordpress.com/tag/how-to-use-agth/ & http://archive.is/5vgDa
You can check the status of Mangagemer translations here: http://blog.mangagamer.org/project-status/

—–Recent News—–

>Kamome Route patch for Summer Pockets was released by Alka Translations on January 19th. 5/8 routes are complete.


>Senren*Banka now has a demo on Steam on January 17th. Release date has yet to be announced.


>Moonstone’s Imouto Paradise 3 is now available for pre-order! Pre-order your copy today to get 10% off


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File: 1579561991224.png (2.87 MB, 2048x1536, 4ed2e2b71f645030c78421e187….png)


—–Recent News (Cont')—–
>Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth are releasing on Steam on January 23rd. While published by DMM games, the games are still carry the censorship of the english Vita/PS4 version.
https://vndb.org/v7721 (Mask of Deception)
https://vndb.org/v18717 (Mask of Truth)
http://archive.ph/th7yC (Details on censorship)
https://web.archive.org/web/20200107223052/https://steamcommunity.com/app/1149550/discussions/0/1747893292776201072/ (DMM comfirming the censorship)

>Maitetsu: Pure Station Launched on PS4 and Switch in the West on January 16th.


>Yuri Visual Novels Nurse Love Addiction and Nurse Love Syndrome released on the Switch on December 26th.


>Coffee-Themed Visual Novel Caffeine: Victoria’s Legacy Gets Early Access Release Date (January 30th)


>Mangagamer updates:

Beat Angel Escalayer R will soon be heading into beta
Sakuranomori Dreamers, AKA Secret Project #1, is now in beta!
Programming for Eternal Torment, AKA Secret Project #6, has begun!
Sona-Nyl of the Violet Shadows is 100% translated and 65% edited!
Image editing for Uchikano ~ Living With My Girlfriend~, AKA Secret Project #9, is also complete!
WanNyan, AKA Secret Project #3, is now in beta!
NyanCafe, AKA Secret Project #5, is now in programming!

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File: 1579562046035.png (4.47 MB, 2560x1440, f398cf98aaa08a640e1647f344….png)


—–Recent Releases—–

>Kamome Route patch for Summer Pockets was released by Alka Translations on January 19th.


>Chuusotsu! 1.5th Graduation: The Moving Castle released on Steam on January 17th for $9.99 [$8.99]


>Magic & Slash -Riru's Sexy Grand Adventure- released on January 16th on Mangagamer for $19.95 [$15.96].


>Sousyon had an english patch released on January 15th by "Hoshi"


>Saved a bullied girl and she embraced me released on Ichi.io and JAST on January 6th for $9.99.


>Baldr Sky (Baldr Sky Dive1 “Lost Memory” and Baldr Sky Dive2 “Recordare”) released on December 20th on Steam for $49.99 [$44.99]. An unofficial restoration patch was also released shortly after.

https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/2888780 (includes R18 patch)

>VenusBlood FRONTIER International - Download Edition (and R18 patch) released on December 20th on JAST USA for $39.99 [$35.99].


>True Love '95 released on Steam on December 20th for $9.99. Can also be found on http://tss.asenheim.org/


>Cara the Bloodlord had an english patch released by Run Q on December 20th.


9b350 No.205333

File: 1579562118716.png (3.15 MB, 2072x1752, 4ed32e012cc96e12031cb1fab7….png)


—–Recent Releases (Cont')—–
>Bokuten: Why I Became an Angel releases on December 19th Mangagamer, Steam, and Discord for $44.95 [$40.45].

>Sakura Wars (Sega Saturn) had an english patch released on December 15th.


>Wabisabi released on December 14th on JAST USA and Sekai Project for $19.99 [$17.99].


>Shiyong Xi Shaonu: Meishi Neizhan - Food Girls:Civil War released on December 13th on Steam for $19.99


>TAISHO x ALICE episode 1 released on December 13th JAST USA for $24.99. JAST version is subbed while the Steam version id dub only.

https://jastusa.com/taisho-x-alice-episode-1 (subbed)
https://store.steampowered.com/app/1056570/ (dubbed)

>Harem Game ~Ore wa Kore no Okage de Eroge no Shujinkou ni Naremashita!~ released on December 13th on Indiegala for $44.99 [$22.49].


>Double Exposure released on Itch.io for free on December 12th.


>STEINS;GATE: My Darling’s Embrace released on December 10th on Steam, Switch/PS4 for $29.99.


>Seven Days: Anata to Sugosu Nanokakan released on December 6th on Steam for $39.99 [$35.99]


>Winter Polaris released on December 6th on Steam for $14.99 [$13.49].


9b350 No.205335

File: 1579562216565.png (2.07 MB, 1280x1440, 0b726b7c381aeb4b82b66bbfad….png)


—–Recent Releases (Cont')—–
>Raging Loop released on December 5th on Steam for $29.99.

–Upcoming releases–
>Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception releases on Steam on January 23rd.

>Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth releases on Steam on January 23rd.

https://vndb.org/v18717 (Mask of Truth)

>Prison Princess releases on Switch on January 30th.


>Imouto Paradise 3 releases on February 13th on Mangagamer for $44.95 [$40.45].


>Togainu no Chi ~Lost Blood~ releases on February 25th on Steam and J-LIST.

https://www.jlist.com/BLUE002LE (limited edition)

>Return to Shironagasu Island releases on Feburary 25th on Steam.


>Marco to Ginga Ryuu releases on Steam February 28th 2020. A demo can be found on Steam.


>Oshi no Love yori Koi no Love releases February 28th 2020.


9b350 No.205336

File: 1579562303941.png (2.35 MB, 2048x1152, a3688ef85a438b1046b98ced4a….png)


—–Upcoming Releases (Cont')—–
>YOU and ME and HER: a love story (Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi) releases early 2020 on JAST USA
https://www.jlist.com/NP005 (limited edition)

–Unspecified releases–

>A Clockwork Ley-Line -Daybreak of Remnants Shadows- is planned to release on Denpasoft.


>Senren*Banka releases on Nekonyan and Stream early 2020.


9b350 No.205337

File: 1579562456414.jpg (342.98 KB, 800x1131, 77803504_p0.jpg)

Another thread has begun. Where do you think VNs stand in the west right now? Are things getting better or worse? Are we in the golden age or tipping into a downward spiral?

b1e23 No.205338

>>Magic & Slash -Riru's Sexy Grand Adventure- released on January 16th
Exquisite. Hopefully it gets uploaded soon.

Any time Japans cultural products are commercialized en masse it is ultimately a terrible thing. VNs are not exempt from this.

fc070 No.205340

File: 1579562990256.jpg (57.54 KB, 460x215, Baldr Sky.jpg)

>Another thread has begun. Where do you think VNs stand in the west right now?
I'm mixed, in one hand some really good stuff is coming out and tons of works are being translated, on another, the early experimentation is gone, there's tons of trash (but that's an issue with digital distribution in general and is good in a way that there are plenty of gems).

My biggest issue is normalfaggots attaching themselves to them and ruining them completely, Nekoparas popularity was absurd and I'm afraid that and the fact that it's distributed by Sekike, means we won't get to lewd the Imouto.

This isn't a west only phenomenon though, gachashit is making tons of established and new VNs to become SFW.
also, thanks for making these threads as always, your efforts will be well remember long after our corners of the internet are gone

I think they're still in a good position though, much like TV, videogames and music where pretty much anyone can make a VN and there's tons of variety and great content, it harkens back to the times of the DVD and rental craze which I thought we would lose completely early last decade.

There are still tons of closed knit closed communities as well despite all the normalfaggotry and ironic weebs circling around.

fc070 No.205341

>that spacing
I have to stop using quick reply, it completely fucks up my formatting.

eb2ec No.205342

>Are things getting better or worse?
it would get better if sekike dies.

b4998 No.205345

File: 1579564742863.png (1.29 MB, 1429x929, chris did a terrible thing.png)

>just raped chris into submission
I'd be lying if I said I didn't fap but I feel like there could've been an slightly less rapey way of doing it

61899 No.205363

File: 1579568198778.jpg (63.11 KB, 224x614, 1459226355937.jpg)

>Are things getting better or worse?
For western made VNs? It's as bad as always. Made by either talentless hacks looking to drain money through micro updates on pateron or over promise on kikestarter, or otherwise made by fake weebs and SJWs who don't get that moe isn't an 'ironic' thing.

I get the feeling we get more content from the east than ever before, but it's a growing industry being filled with editors who think they are on some crusade to push their fucking retarded San Francisco liberalism into fetish games/novels about cute girls being cute girls.

7a015 No.205365

I'd like it if it were Rance doing it, but the protag did a complete 180 in his personality to perform such an action. One of the many reasons why Majikoi is a below-average VN

b4998 No.205371

>below average
fuck off is it

28b94 No.205385

For what it's worth, supposedly there will be a part for Shigure lewding. Even if it's not translated, text-hooking should take care of it, Nekopara's dialogue isn't very complex.

4f6a8 No.205402

I didn't know they made these without porn in them.

50eb0 No.205413

Chris felt like she's only there to be the white girl, which is a shame because all the other characters add to the story in their own ways. She is the character whose route I skipped most in any VN.

b4998 No.205421

File: 1579604689829.png (230.78 KB, 447x399, Chrisangerblush.png)

I liked her route honestly. Her dads a retarded cunt though.

f6d24 No.205422

File: 1579604806435-0.jpg (98.37 KB, 500x858, 70985_front.jpg)

File: 1579604806435-1.jpg (71.75 KB, 610x612, 308959_front.jpg)

File: 1579604806435-2.jpg (130.66 KB, 640x815, 656124_front.jpg)

>I didn't know they made these without porn in them.
It's regularly frequent for visual novels to be released on consoles in Japan because for one, the popularity of said systems and secondly, the possibility to sell said VNs (with originally eroge content) without the adult restriction law meaning a much larger public reach. Yes the porn is gone (or in some cases like the recent Utawarerumono 1 remake, the ones relevant to the plot are still present but not explicitly on screen) but you generally get some extra bonus to make up the loss like additional scenes, characters and routes. Also some good visual novels such as 428 Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de, Machi, Steins Gate, Ever17, Net High, etc. were originally developed for consoles.

>Where do you think VNs stand in the west right now?
I still have no trust for visual novel translations in general. Noratoto was proof of the kind of mediocrity going on by allowing fanfic-tier translation at numerous times. I can understand the case of puns being hard to translate at least but not this shit.
>My biggest issue is normalfaggots attaching themselves to them and ruining them completely, Nekoparas popularity was absurd and I'm afraid that and the fact that it's distributed by Sekike, means we won't get to lewd the Imouto.
I believe that Steam allowing adult content (in a half-assed way as usual) was a huge mistake because it was bound to generate outrage sooner and later. Since then I've noticed those disclaimers of "fictional characters are over 18" (no matter how bullshit it is in reality) even on VNs that have no sex content.

7ed5e No.205442

>can't be fucked for Momoyo's route because I can't stand her character
>go play yotsunoha instead for now
The UI is horrendous and there's barely two pages of cgs. is this worth the time?

7af95 No.205453

>I still have no trust for visual novel translations in general.
The only thing they are good for is getting unmosaiced CGs. I wish Japan would get of their stupid censorship law already.

a817e No.205455

> supposedly there will be a part for Shigure lewding
I mean, the implications are all there, there isn't any confirmation though, and Sekike and it's popularity won't help.

>Since then I've noticed those disclaimers of "fictional characters are over 18"
That's fine with me, I'm not fine with devs butchering their own works due to it, though it was happening before, your mention of PC to console VNs speaks for itself,

91600 No.205465

File: 1579623027450.gif (2.47 MB, 240x180, Ultimate Paizuri.gif)


d37c0 No.205466

File: 1579623450943.png (108.76 KB, 305x364, fat.png)

>really nice
anon what the fuck

a5db5 No.205468

File: 1579623896114.png (135.63 KB, 278x322, smug peaches.png)

>can't be fucked for Momoyo's route because I can't stand her character
What? Isn't the main appeal of her route(besides Yamato's development), the Kawakami war arc, essentially devoid of her barring the very end? Just skip the date scene with a guide then read the war, there's a reason some consider it more Yamato's route than Momoyo's.

b8945 No.205472

How many cock pushups do I have to do before I can skewer a woman's abdomen with my johnson like that?

d37c0 No.205475

File: 1579626121787.png (52.79 KB, 217x217, Yukiesmile.png)

>What? Isn't the main appeal of her route(besides Yamato's development), the Kawakami war arc, essentially devoid of her barring the very end?
I wouldn't know considering I've never played this beforehand. I'll get it done though, I've changed my mind about skipping it. I'll play through it and probably skip the other sub routes. Also apparently the second game is basically just hentai with little substance, is that actually the case?

f6d24 No.205476

File: 1579626314012-0.jpg (85.35 KB, 640x1099, 158627_front.jpg)

File: 1579626314012-1.jpg (141.44 KB, 640x814, 599969_front.jpg)

File: 1579626314012-2.jpg (180.55 KB, 640x817, 638042_front.jpg)

>I wish Japan would get of their stupid censorship law already.
I recall reading somewhere that was it was possible for them to remove it but the japanese are probably more complacent to let it stay instead. And I doubt it would change certain things like the mandatory credit card payment for +18-rated items in Japan.
>I'm not fine with devs butchering their own works due to it, though it was happening before, your mention of PC to console VNs speaks for itself
I wouldnt personally call the console ports of VNs "butchering" since the script stays pretty much intact outside of the cut sex scenes. Butchering would be more akin of the PS4 version of Noratoto 1 imo or Kenka Bachou turned into an otome VN serie for the Vita
I have a bias towards the Vita because of its excellent selection of VNs added with the portability that makes them function like actual books. They're less bloated in space size (within 3GB max) and can be easier to access than the PC counterpart even with piracy involved: Hatsuru Koto Naki Mirai Yori (pic related) required to download both games to bypass the anti-piracy protection on PC and the original japanese releases of Nurse Love Syndrome/Addiction wouldnt work on non-english Windows systems thanks to their installers that couldnt recognize administrator rules written in a foreign language (which was painfully fixable).
I do have some visual novels in my computer but they are relatively few, such as Akeiro Kaikitan, Giniro Haruka and Aoishiro.

eb2ec No.205478

>I wish Japan would get of their stupid censorship law already.
Isnt a madman actually working on that? I think he was voted in by all the otakus in nipland.

0d0e1 No.205479

File: 1579627354968.jpg (44.35 KB, 290x290, 59ed2b71dca09d9a9997ac3067….jpg)

Imagine the day their censorship law gets abolished. They'll all cum in unison.

a817e No.205482

File: 1579627769189.png (18.32 KB, 678x472, Dick Unity.png)

>Removes endgame goal and a mark in the relationship
>Not butchering
Anon please

Pic related

3e53e No.205485

That's a common misconception among people who don't read VNs. They see all the generic romance and nukige and assume there's nothing more than that. It's kind of like how peopple think all anime is moeblob SoL.
I actually don't much care for sex scenes in VNs. They usually don't add much to the plot and characters often act somewhat out of character during them, and they're rarely fapworthy. I don't mind if they're present, but I never find myself wishing for them when there are none.

d37c0 No.205487

File: 1579628928967.png (232.6 KB, 369x360, CHRIS FURY.png)

>That's a common misconception among people who don't read VNs. They see all the generic romance and nukige and assume there's nothing more than that.
>playing muv luv
>friend comes in
>haha is that a dating sim
no it is not

f6d24 No.205499

File: 1579632039995-0.jpg (144.72 KB, 786x1000, カノジョ_ステップ.jpg)

File: 1579632039995-1.jpg (160.88 KB, 786x1000, 星織ユメミライ.jpg)

>Removes endgame goal and a mark in the relationship
Which you can also show by marriage or by the couple having kids tbh. There was one visual on Vita (Kanojo*Step) that I recall where the MC and heroine were about to engage sex in the classroom and then the novel transitioned to a post-scene where they were both nude cuddling. So it's not like the notion of sex is banned on japanese consoles/handhelds, just that you cant show off actual in-screen sexual intercourses. Hoshi Yume Mirai Converted Edition also does the same example although I mainly enjoyed this one for having a non-beta MC and the long afterstory to their adult lives in each heroine's route. The other title from the publisher, Giniro Haruka, is similar on that regard.
Muv-Luv starts off as the average high-school comedy romance with top-tier presentation admittedly and only derive from this setting once you begin Unlimited so I can see the misunderstanding in that instance.

a817e No.205507

File: 1579633421649.mp4 (9.98 MB, 1920x1080, March of a Beast.mp4)

>It's not censorship if I'm ok with it
It's time to stop posting

f6d24 No.205527

File: 1579636258854.png (687.65 KB, 960x544, 2019-04-02-102724.png)

>distorting what I've said and make up some weird conclusion on your own
I don't know what kind of mental gymnastics you did but okay
I'll just join 3e53e's opinion on sex scenes in visual novels. If you personally consider said scenes a must then yeah go read them on PC but I find the trade-offs I got from the handheld versions to largely make up the cut adult content. Sure it's censored on that regard in order to meet mainstream but I wouldnt call it "butchering" unlike you

0d0e1 No.205528

>trade-offs I got from the handheld versions
Besides being able to play in bed, what else is there?

d37c0 No.205530

Should've used a different example really. Ever17 would be a better example.
There are ways to play in bed without using a handheld by the way. If you have a tablet with a decent size then use steamlink or use another desktop to mobile app. Been doing that for the past 3 weeks with great joy.

a1bde No.205533

>I support censorship because of convenience
Fuck off, nigger.

f6d24 No.205569

File: 1579642212757-0.jpg (111.66 KB, 960x544, 2017-09-25-133448.jpg)

File: 1579642212757-1.jpg (137.8 KB, 960x544, 2018-08-13-132945.jpg)

File: 1579642212757-2.jpg (136.78 KB, 960x544, 2018-08-15-135513.jpg)

i said it in >>205476 but i'll sum up
>portability either be outdoors or indoors
>a lot less bloat of stockage space in general
>easier to access since all the DRM is the same (to crack)
>additional content (that may or not reappear on PC)
the other anon mentioned PC tablets which doesnt sound a bad idea in theory but there is also the fact i play other types of vidya on the vita (not to mention the console VNs) which i assume may prove more difficult to properly emulate on a tablet.
More or less the reasons why people would try visual novels on the Switch too

bde2c No.205573

Save yourself the time and stop now. I hate majikoi but even I understand you either play a VN in full or don't play it at all. You could miss key character (what little there is) components in those sub routes.

eb2ec No.205574

File: 1579643699093.jpg (117.68 KB, 1280x664, 7894651123.jpg)

d37c0 No.205577

We'll see how I feel. From what I can tell after the main heroines I assume the sub routes are just funny haha's or some shit. I'm just playing the characters I like plus Momoyo because apparently that routes good. though I might just come back to it later, I didn't enjoy majikoi the first time round
>first pic
I don't remember that cg

1c4e9 No.205578

File: 1579646034790-0.jpg (178.93 KB, 1600x900, 64725_download_6.jpg)

File: 1579646034790-1.jpg (268.82 KB, 800x450, 296286_5.jpg)

File: 1579646034790-2.jpg (398.22 KB, 800x450, 296294_5.jpg)

Sidestory. There's 3 short one from Majikoi. One where Asako had just taken in Yuuji, one where it's daily life at Mihama and one where Yuuji saves a loli in America.

f6d24 No.205579

File: 1579646183258-0.jpg (139.97 KB, 960x544, 2017-09-25-133808.jpg)

File: 1579646183258-1.jpg (111.8 KB, 960x544, 2017-09-25-134608.jpg)

File: 1579646183258-2.jpg (134.93 KB, 960x544, 2017-09-25-140421.jpg)

I mean it's going to be so absurdly expensive to the point that people will just get either a Switch or Vita instead, and the ones who care to play on PC without limits would rather play on their desktops (especially at this price range) so I'm still trying to figure out what this thing is exactly trying to appeal who.
It's from Grisaia no Zankou, a short sidestory that features kid Yuuji, Asako and Yuria. Which is part of the Grisaia Side Story on vita or the Grisaia Trilogy on switch (which has japanese/english support)

1c4e9 No.205580

*Grisaia. All this talk of Majikoi got me confused.

d37c0 No.205581

I remember that one.
I remember not playing it simply because as much as I enjoyed Grisaia I had been playing it for a week and a half with little else in between. I finished all three of them and after that I just wanted something different.

2beeb No.205591

>Best girl dies

1cc2b No.205654

I guess to amplify my comment: I didn't know they made these without porn in them and I don't understand what the draw is without it. That's just me though. I guess a person could just as well ask a question like "why read a book." VNs fall into this bizarre place between literature and video games that never clicked with me. Books and games also don't click with people sometimes. I guess you folks need somewhere to go and here is probably the most fitting place. Anyhow, carry on without me–I have nothing to contribute to this thread.

ae290 No.205664

>I don't understand what the draw is without it
Read a good unique story with likeable or well written characters, they're self published or published works by small groups in the insane asylum that is Japen.
France Shoujo storytime was a top tier storytime and I wish I could learn Japanese to read it just due to how interesting it was, I don't think I could evee fap to it, though I know some people who definetly would.
In more porn oriented stuff backdrop and context also help a lot.

4d867 No.205677

File: 1579667956993.jpg (304.87 KB, 1249x1282, what_is.jpg)

So VNs scratch the itch brought on by disappointing manga/LN where incompetent MC/haremshit ruins any possible romance setups since you are directing the narrative instead of the editor?

6501c No.205679

That's like comparing a book with a movie script

5ea21 No.205684

Is it still yuri if the MC is a guy transformed into a girl?

ef79b No.205690

It would not be the first time that sort of portable system has been tried. Razer did it too I think? Also have you had any experience with Vita Moonlight? It's an unoffical homebrew NVIDIA GameStream client.

d37c0 No.205694

File: 1579690091283.png (2.08 MB, 1920x924, nice.png)

Have you ever played a decent VN before? If not then I'd recommend maybe Grisaia for starters. If you can't enjoy the format then whatever, but it's a great medium. With or without porn.
I like cute girls and good music plus story so visual novels for me are literally the greatest thing to exist

67c7d No.205727

File: 1579714166703-0.jpg (3.41 MB, 4000x4000, __makise_kurisu_and_amane_….jpg)

File: 1579714166703-1.jpg (642.6 KB, 859x1208, __rider_fate_and_1_more_dr….jpg)

Steins Gate or Fate stay night are good entry points, as they're heavy story focused with Fate only having minor sex scenes. Fate has Rider and a campaign for the Holy Grail, Steins has Kurisu, Suzuha and time travel, the good kind though that makes sense.

33d8b No.205791

Oh, music. Yeah, that's another thing that VNs have that would contribute to the experience. I may have read (played? read? interacted with?) one in the past but I wouldn't have listened to the music or the voicework, if any. I rarely listen to any game these days and I can't stand it when people read things to me that I can read myself. It is really just not my genre–can't listen to audiobooks for that matter. I've kinda already stuffed them in my mind into the same corner as gacha games: they're just places that porn comes from and the fact that a large number of people enjoy them as actual non-porn video game entertainment is perfectly fine but not relevant to me personally. I did like the occasional gamebook when I was younger but that's not really here or there.

8c3b8 No.205801

Is there an easy way to get the extra visuals of the 2013 patch of Cross Channel but with the translation of the old one? The guy that did the 2013 patch did a bad retranslation of the game compared to the older version.

d37c0 No.205809

> It is really just not my genre–can't listen to audiobooks for that matter
Fair enough opinion, if you legit don't like them that's fine by me. What I hate are the people who see them and go
>wow one of those porn games lol loser
>why is there a child because anything involving a child in anime is borderline pedophillic to these retards despite them cheering on little tranny dragqueen boy who is 9 years old which compared to cute and lovable lolis is pretty fucking different
Some of my favourite pieces/songs come from visual novels though, even if you don't want to play them check out the OSTs for some of them, anything by Key for example will probably induce musical euphoria.

b8945 No.205811

File: 1579741646901.gif (978.36 KB, 500x281, embarassment.gif)

You got bullied pretty hard in school didn't you?

b6767 No.205812

File: 1579741905744.png (19.27 KB, 656x620, 8b74252de907c97d1263679721….png)

Not an argument, but I also wouldn't trust anyone pretending to be an anon who wasn't bullied or an outcast in school. Imageboards were made for outcasts, after all (at least until 2007 happened)

d37c0 No.205813

Surprisingly no. I'm honestly beyond surprised I wasn't. I just find it annoying when I enjoy something and then someone is like
I was an outcast at least.

2829f No.205850

>so I'm still trying to figure out what this thing is exactly trying to appeal who.
to the same idiots that bought alienware shit, i guess.
Shame that nobody is smart enough to make a notVita 2, so that nerds could ~~read~~ play VN's in it.

9cc8b No.205893

Cute anime grill

The same character drawn by someone on tumblr

d37c0 No.205911

File: 1579775614260.png (9.36 KB, 346x176, wat.png)

>finish Agave route on Majikoi
What the fuck was all the
shit about.
That sword dance song is fucking amazing
>go to play s
>pic related
what is this shit

67c7d No.205914

d37c0 No.205915

Thanks but I got it to work by dragging the crack file onto the main exe.
>bunch of characters who should've been sprited in the first game are now sprited
very nice

43e60 No.205924

File: 1579784803772.jpg (22.82 KB, 359x359, ab0675d75d7149adbcb58277f8….jpg)

>when the VN tries to make you feel bad for fucking your imouto

d37c0 No.205927

So is Majikoi S basically just tiny bits of story alongside a large helping of porn or something? Chris's route was basically just porn with about 10 minutes of actual story.
>>when the VN tries to make you feel bad for fucking your imouto
>trying to fuck the loli
>I'm definitely not a lolicon! She's just cute.

43e60 No.205928

It's not lolicon if they're 13 or older

d37c0 No.205930

File: 1579787346764.png (51.9 KB, 159x157, nonosmile.png)

Loli isn't age it's looks.

43e60 No.205931

>wanting tyrone to fuck your sister before you do
I shiggy diggy

d37c0 No.205936

I have no clue how the hell you ended up thinking that but okay anon.
Loli still isn't age based.

67c7d No.205941

File: 1579790538237.png (1.4 MB, 1055x744, __itagaki_tatsuko_and_musa….png)

Essentially. Agave is the main route that introduces a few new people and the A series of game has side-stories for pretty much all of them.

d37c0 No.205942

Is it worth playing still? I might go finish a different vn and then come back to it.

67c7d No.205943

I'd say the main path and any side stories of your favorite heroines are. It does end on a more positive note as well.

43e60 No.205944

Are lolibabas lolis or lolibabas?

d37c0 No.205947

File: 1579791275234.jpg (9.79 KB, 210x240, Michiru.jpg)

I'll keep that in mind then, thanks.
>Are lolibabas lolis or lolibabas?
They're just sneaky lolis

d37c0 No.205980

File: 1579796371291.png (81.5 KB, 251x269, wankoCRY.png)

>can't get into yotsunoha
>see ef a fairy tale of two
>looks good
>check sexual content tags
>unavoidable heroine rape
fucking excuse me

43e60 No.205998

File: 1579802172448.mp4 (590.86 KB, 640x640, stop being such a dork.mp4)

6c8b4 No.206003

File: 1579802726020.png (517.61 KB, 720x525, cdb8fff6bb2732e3ef03e8b6e1….png)

I don't see it, unless some fag added it because of 'statutory rape' due to the presence of loli.

9d55c No.206011

you mean sneaky hags

d37c0 No.206013

File: 1579803867032.jpg (22.07 KB, 1369x32, e.JPG)

it's on vndb, so could just be something like dies irae where your childhood friend gets fondled by nazi lolis tentacles of pain.
I did indeed mean sneaky hags.

3e53e No.206021

>sneaky hags
Rude. Lolibabas are the best form of loli.

6d715 No.206022

if sony thought the japanese market was the only place a handheld could sell, and released it just there, I'd probably still buy it
although as it stands there's still over 100 VNs on the Vita that are japanese exclusive, so not as if there's nothing for me to read anymore

d37c0 No.206023

>decide to finish MajikoiS first anyway
>having more fun already
man I don't know what it is about these other two vns but they feel like trash compared to Majikoi. What the fuck happened to my sense of writing.
>Lolibabas are the best form of loli.
True lolis are the best form of lolis.

ebb87 No.206025

>>I'm definitely not a lolicon! She's just cute.
>tfw you are a proud lolicon who is not ashamed of his love for beauty

d37c0 No.206038

>>tfw you are a proud lolicon who is not ashamed of his love for beauty
anonymously, yes. lolis are love

aa37f No.206057

File: 1579812141336.gif (2.76 MB, 403x403, 16297FDA-F484-4CCE-A4A8-69….gif)

>he doesn’t have a bro he can talk about lolis with
My condolences. I know that feel though

80646 No.206081

but you are all my bros.

d37c0 No.206096

I have a singular el mexicano I talk to about lolis
and as >>206081 says, we might not know everyone personally but we're all bros together in the fight for lolis.

26bb3 No.206118

File: 1579819531876.png (167.07 KB, 500x500, 1539641067234.png)

Shitskins and lolis do not mix. Hope you aren't a shitskin yourself, dude.

b8945 No.206119

File: 1579819642926.gif (980.66 KB, 1064x589, korean hating thread.gif)

Maybe it's just the years of /pol/ niggling me in the back of my head, but I genuinely am disgusted by non-asians/non-whites admitting to liking loli.

cfbf6 No.206120

File: 1579819738860.png (740.15 KB, 1280x720, 1575435625233.png)

It's clear that we're getting more releases than ever, but that also means that the overall quality of translations has dropped significantly as the wrong kind of people get to distribute these works, usually people in the so-called cabal of old fantranslations purported by old members of TLWiki and the people running horrible subs and one of the nyaa alternatives. They have consistently defended bad translations in order to gatekeep their position as the ones in complete control of visual novel and otaku translations in the West. As someone who doesn't live in America or an English-speaking country, the quality of translations of manga here, for instance, is significantly better and more accurate, and bad translations happen due to ignorance or some other unfortunate choice of wording, as opposed to simply a manner with which translators and managers manifest their hubris. "I can fix this piece of media by translating it" simply does not exist here.
Visual novels of course, are primarily translated in English, which means dishonesty is rampant and the quality of works is significantly decreased. So, yes, the state of visual novels in the west is precarious, and likely will continue to be outside of a diamond in the rough every now and then.
That's not to mention the current state of VNs in Japan, with plenty of low quality cashgrabs dominating the monthly releases, but i do believe there is genuine effort from creators to make something truly great. That, and our own bias towards the past can prevent us from witnessing any truly great new works coming out recently. But there is no denying that a few notorious VN devs have shut down due to the current state of the industry, although some of them simply tried to cash in on gachashit and failed spectacularly. I believe that's what happened with Light. Minori is another example, though that was mostly due to the head of the company being eternally butthurt that his Da Capo knock-off failed and not even dumb gaijin gave a shit.

d37c0 No.206121

File: 1579819913401.jpg (41.51 KB, 1024x536, KOROSU.jpg)

I am not thankfully.
>I genuinely am disgusted by non-asians/non-whites admitting to liking loli.
I'm disgusted by a lot of things but never attraction to a bunch of pixels. apart from gore and weird fetishes like diapers. Shits just weird Real children on the other hand.

80646 No.206122

I agree, shitskins should just keep the 3DPDs to themselves.

de19e No.206134

That's an excuse made by fake old hags trying to act cute.

26bb3 No.206139

File: 1579825208475.png (419.04 KB, 643x456, 1437177885300.png)

It's a natural reaction, and I'd love to go in depth with you about it and explain more but to put it simply, it's a human response (and thus a white response) to something beautiful being destroyed - something pure like snow having sludge and mud dropped onto it, like seeing a monument be knocked down and replaced with bland corporate shit. Like Galatea, anime girls (most of them, at least) are designed with the intention of being beautiful and pure beyond compare. Before that statement confuses you, let me clarify that not every anime girl is "flawless" per se but they are when you cross reference with real women.

Think of Tomoko from Watamote, she's definitely flawed both personality-wise and, from what you're told in the Manga at least, she doesn't bathe often and is generally unkempt; but despite all this, she's still leagues ahead of your average "3D" woman.

I've realized I am rambling now and don't want to say too much here, but basically take that perfection and just literally shit all over it - visceral, isn't it? That's what you're feeling deep inside when you see a nigger or shitskin lust after an anime girl.

0b5c3 No.206154

>but I genuinely am disgusted by non-asians/non-whites admitting to liking loli.
I prefer an office lady Christmas cake

36737 No.206160

>office lady Christmas cake
Trash for trash. It's like pottery.

3e53e No.206164

File: 1579834337590.jpg (409.58 KB, 2591x3624, yomu_DdHLIb2VQAEKr_c.jpg)

It must be hard having shit taste.

0b5c3 No.206186

File: 1579838145890.png (Spoiler Image, 55.37 KB, 822x796, sad mexican.png)

pls no bully.

43e60 No.206195

Non-whites/asians are subhuman so it makes me think they have actual CP on their hard drive and are just saying it's loli like your average normalfag. This in turn makes me nervous to be around said non-white/asian because the police could bust the door down at any moment.

78b93 No.206196

Margit's voice reminds me of the imouto from France Shoujo. Been a while since I heard the imouto's voice though so I might be remembering things wrong.

b90fa No.206206

Did that one anon who was telling us about it ever discover a happy end or where they all completely fucked up?

6c8b4 No.206210

Christmas cake is only acceptable if they are virgins too. Otherwise I don't see the point.

baace No.206247

>That's an excuse made by fake old hags trying to act cute.
Loli is just a body type anon, small, petite and childlike. 3DPD are excluded from this if that's what you're getting at.

293d5 No.206584

File: 1579989945128.jpg (13.84 KB, 143x141, MonshiroHAPPY.JPG)

>majikoi s was mostly just porn
>get into the new girls routes why was kokoro's so short?
>play monshiro last
I don't think I've loved a character more than this fucking loli holy fuck she's cute.

62716 No.206599

>Christmas cake is only acceptable if they are virgins too.
The very definition of a christmas cakes is a 25 year old virgin lady.

a204c No.206602

looks awfully generic

6f953 No.206603

It means a 'single' woman over the age of 25, not specifically a virgin. There are plenty of reasons a random woman can be over 25 and not married or in a relationship, but it is when she is attractive and chaste when things get interesting and means there are likely quirks involved instead of just 3dpd tendencies.

293d5 No.206607

File: 1579997338169.jpg (13.76 KB, 151x163, MonshiroHMMHMM.JPG)

And you are gay

9ef22 No.206669

File: 1580017530676.jpg (371.62 KB, 1378x2039, e44847ef2ac36d96fbe6305ca0….jpg)

Thread archive: http://archive.ph/pB5Mt

This bunker is going to die soon so I'm archiving the thread. Do you guys want me to keep making the threads on 8kun /v/ or move the threads to Prolikewoah /animu/?

b7593 No.206681


293d5 No.206742

>This bunker is going to die soon so I'm archiving the thread
>we're gonna have to go 8kunny
I wanna stay here

ca92a No.206745

The 2hu thread has already made its home there, so I don't see why we couldn't. Julay is also an option, but I don't know how reliable it is.
8kunny as it is is a no for me, but if it's just for one thread then I guess it doesn't matter.

>I wanna stay here
Me too anon.

293d5 No.206749

File: 1580042261876.jpg (56.19 KB, 403x594, loliakane.JPG)

>Me too anon.
If only certain niggers didn't advertise constantly on twitter, maybe 8kunny wouldn't be Qkunny.

fafb7 No.206778

Anyone here played Ayakashibito? I'm trying to play it right now but I'm unable to tell if I don't like this game or if it's typical common route boredom.

67c7d No.206801

File: 1580060816181.jpg (88.49 KB, 600x337, Steins-Gate-Hollywood-TV_0….jpg)

Steins 0 Elite announced, meaning animated scenes instead of CG like with the original and Skydance making an Hollywood show, cause of course they are.

9ef22 No.206805

File: 1580062789817.jpg (224.49 KB, 1920x1080, 1a4c175f05e710be5c52469f25….jpg)

Sadly anon, we don't have that choice to stay. But it seems people are pushing for /animu/.

>The 2hu thread has already made its home there
It's pretty active too.

I don't think I'm delusional but does the post quality of 8kun /v/, when compared to here, seem pretty bad to others? I don't remember 8chan /v/ being that bad.

a73f4 No.206809

File: 1580063569559.jpeg (189.4 KB, 506x604, aya_smug_grin.jpeg)

>Sadly anon, we don't have that choice to stay. But it seems people are pushing for /animu/.
Most of /v/ here will just go to 8kun anyway. I mean, people literally still post here instead of JulayWorld's /v/, so it seems like Mark's /v/ anons are just tsunderes, and unironically like Mark in their "deep" subconsciousness. Same goes for /animu/, because prolikewoah is deader than their board on 8kunny.
>I don't think I'm delusional but does the post quality of 8kun /v/, when compared to here, seem pretty bad to others? I don't remember 8chan /v/ being that bad.
You aren't delusional. Say thanks to Mark, Jim and Ron for advertising this place and Qchan on Twatter.

a46fc No.206812

File: 1580064191922.jpg (77.23 KB, 773x664, spank.JPG)

>Sadly anon, we don't have that choice to stay.
sad indeed
>I don't think I'm delusional but does the post quality of 8kun /v/, when compared to here, seem pretty bad to others? I don't remember 8chan /v/ being that bad.
It's not the worst shit in the world, though you can tell who does and who doesn't belong very easily. There's a lot of Qniggers and twitter retards.
>Most of /v/ here will just go to 8kun anyway. I mean, people literally still post here instead of JulayWorld's /v/,
Is Julay actually better?

6f953 No.206813

People will gravitate to wherever the numbers are. People will tolerate a lot of shit so long as there are actual posters and traffic regardless of the incompatence of who runs the show. Right up to the point they can no longer post about what they want. That is what if would take for a replacement to actually take off. No one wants to read or frequent a vn thread with days between posts, let alone hours.

e97e2 No.206815

>Is Julay actually better?
Check for yourself, I'm not going to shill. JulayWorld's onion service: bhlnasxdkbaoxf4gtpbhavref7l2j3bwooes77hqcacxztkindztzrad.onion
>People will gravitate to wherever the numbers are.
Then at this point why won't they just go back to 4chan?

a46fc No.206817

>onion service
Having to have tor open as well is a pain honestly. shitty max ram
I remember there being a non tor version though, I'll go find it.

788f8 No.206832

>Having to have tor open as well is a pain honestly. shitty max ram
That's Pozilla SJWfox for you, but ram isn't a problem for me anymore, because I switched to GNU/Linux.
>I remember there being a non tor version though, I'll go find it.
Here you go, fren: julay.world

50eb0 No.206834

I'd personally prefer Julay as VNs are pretty much the only form of anime I consume.

I started it a few years back and got ~3 hours in before I dropped it due to boredom.

3e53e No.206836

>does the post quality of 8kun /v/, when compared to here, seem pretty bad to others?
It is, and the reason is obvious: 8kun is mainly populated by the people who were either too new or too retarded to find the bunkers. The decent posters are still on the webring, the cuckchan trash is on 8kun.

>it seems like Mark's /v/ anons are just tsunderes, and unironically like Mark
I used to be that way, and didn't mind Mark overall, but since the 8ch shutdown he's making fuckup after fuckup and far worse than before. Things like trying to monetise gondolas and banning people for "necrobumping" were the last straws for me, I no longer want to use any board run my Mark. I'm only still here because it's temporary and have no problem moving to julay or prolikewhoa once this place closes.

6f953 No.206840

Because 4chan censors shit all the time now.

9b788 No.206841

>Pozilla SJWfox
Brave browser, Chrome, Firefox, iridium? They all fucked with my ram so much it's insane. I really need to get more RAM though. 8 gigs was enough but now half the time I play a game and 90% of my memory is in use.
I shall be checking this shortly.
>I started it a few years back and got ~3 hours in before I dropped it due to boredom.
Yeah, I've decided to drop it for now. Playing some other game called love triangle trouble. It's cute enough I guess. How I wish there was an entire 50 hour long vn for Monshiro from majikoi though. That'd be the cutest.

f73e7 No.206846

>Brave browser, Chrome, Firefox, iridium? They all fucked with my ram so much it's insane.
Welcome to Web 2.0. If you haven't yet tried Ungoogled Chromium or Pale Moon, I highly recommend doing so.
>I really need to get more RAM though. 8 gigs was enough but now half the time I play a game and 90% of my memory is in use.
Or you could just use a plain Window Manager, so you don't get jewed by (((modern))) hardware manufacturers.
>I shall be checking this shortly.
Enjoy imageboard without Jim, Ron and Mark.

7b132 No.206850

Fata Morgana had a prequel? I don't see any in VNDB. I'm playing Death Mark and am on the DLC chapter. Too bad there's no gallery mode, the CGs can get sensual.

9ef22 No.206892

File: 1580087964774.png (3.8 MB, 2350x1001, 79052252_p0.png)

What makes Julay /v/ a good place to make the VN threads? Do they even allow VN threads?

50eb0 No.206898

My personal preference for July aside, I'd be happy with the thread anywhere on the webring, as it would give the webring more life instead of the majority of anons considering it a back up. Having never used /animu/ or /a/ I have no idea if they'd be pleased with a bunch of /v/irgins moving in.

>Do they even allow VN threads?

They haven't forbidden them to my knowledge.
Maybe it'd be best to paste your OP into multiple sites then choosing which you prefer after seeing how the threads go? Once you decide you could then leave an announcement on the other threads telling them which site you've chosen.

c4d78 No.206907

>Having never used /animu/ or /a/ I have no idea if they'd be pleased with a bunch of /v/irgins moving in.
isnt /animu/ popular because it got gaymers posting in it after some dramas and more anons finally had the change to talk about chinese comics, without having a degree in gramar?

36737 No.206920

The degree of discussion there is incredibly poor, to say nothing of the choice of topics, but that is the gist of it yes.

ef79b No.207073

Even though they allow /jp/ content VN discussion is rare, and they have their own video game board now. It's basically empty though. As far as /a/ is concerned though you're more than fine for grammar and most of /v/ is for that matter. It's the uncalled politics and niggerspeak that catches almost everyone.


I normally stick to their scanlation threads and don't often care to post in other threads. I don't know whether they'd be up for VNs.

8f10a No.207076

I have some reservations about Julay/v/ due to /cow/ but I'll get over it if it ends up being where the webring anons go for the visual novel threads. I'd much prefer animu.

8f10a No.207077

File: 1580112620299.png (73.6 KB, 269x298, 1565428527455.png)


36737 No.207180

I'd sooner kill myself than throw my post in the tr/a/sh, or anywhere even remotely associated with those worthless cucks. You can keep your shitty forum to yourself.
/animu/ would allow the threads wholesale, but in plain-speak, they are a bunch of redditors with absolute entry level tastes.

67c7d No.207192

File: 1580154924456.jpg (286.41 KB, 691x856, __fushikawa_kokoro_maji_de….jpg)

Kokoro is pretty good.
If you want Harem ending, look up some Doujins. There's a few like that.

4dcef No.207196

Most of them weren't in english last time I checked. I just wish there was more Kokoro and Monshiro content. All the other A-x games were about girls I could not give any less fucks about.

6a4f1 No.207251

It's where most of /vg/ is

9ef22 No.207507

File: 1580281570441.gif (7.16 MB, 673x800, ねずこ(79159180).gif)

Alternatives to post the /VN/ thread:
>Julay /v/
>Prolikewoah /animu/
>Prolikewoah /japan/
All function better than 8kun /v/ and /animu/. All also don't mind us having a VN thread there. Julay /v/ definitely has an active population compared to /animu/ and /japan/. Most of the /animu/ crew went back to 8kun /animu/ instead of staying there. The 2hu threads and Touhou 12.3 SOKU players went to /japan/ and they seem to be the only people that inhabit it. /animu/ only has an active /kemono/ thread (people don't want to go back to 8kun /kemono/) and stream threads.

There is one person who said keep the VN threads on 8kun /v/ but he never gave a reason why. Once the 8kun thread dies I'll decide on where to move the threads unless people in large decide on where to migrate.

7106f No.207521

>KEY had a new visual novel release english patch at least come out just last week
>no mention of it from what I've seen
Anyone tried it yet? It's called Summer Pockets, looks alright. Only four girls though.

67c7d No.207524

File: 1580308764612-0.jpg (270.71 KB, 1920x1080, 111674.jpg)

File: 1580308764612-1.jpg (302.39 KB, 1920x1080, 127754.jpg)

Ehhh, I dunno. CGs look pretty but I dunno if the story is worth it.

7106f No.207526

I don't either, I'm gonna try it out at least. KEY usually make worth while games. Well I would like to, the game crashes on startup for some reason.

69adc No.207537

I read the Japanese version a few months ago, I liked Tsumugi's route but the rest was pretty meh.

0136d No.207539

File: 1580321151828.jpg (279.64 KB, 1000x1000, 81ZZZw3DOGL (1).jpg)

>no mention of it
Without Hinoues influence Na-Gas art just becomes generic.
I can't play a Key title like that, it just doesn't feel right.

2415d No.207543

>Hinoues influence Na-Gas art just becomes generic.
I assume that's after Rewrite then? Because the art for summer pockets looks nice sure, but it's just the usual lack of unique-ness art style.
My game wouldn't even work with the english patch so I deleted it and made space for some other vn with loli dog girls.

fb9ab No.207661

File: 1580380084887.png (2.14 MB, 1400x1500, 79169201.png)

Nezuko a qt, a qt!
Do you mind finally creating the Visual Novel Thread on Julay's /v/, OP?

9ef22 No.207689

File: 1580397565283.jpg (3.19 MB, 3500x2871, 79157702_p0.jpg)

I'm assuming everyone is just waiting for me to make a new thread. It's pretty tied between Prolikewoah /animu/ and Julay /v/. Both seem to be good options but I'll ask you guys one last time. Whatever has the most votes by the time I come back from work today will get the thread made there.

Not sure if the thread will be made today as I have to gather some recent news again.

ef79b No.207690

I don't have any dog in this fight but a video games board seems more sensible. More important though is that you show unity.

2415d No.207691

I'd prefer Julay simply because I have bad blood with anything relating to /animu/, also does make more sense like >>207690 says.

3e53e No.207719

I vote for Julay /v/ purely because I don't go to /animu/ for anything.

9ef22 No.207811

File: 1580429411666.png (1.91 MB, 1150x1600, 78086788_p0.png)

That's settles it then.
Until further notice, I will be moving all visual novel threads I make to Julay World /v/. Since Vch.moe is going down again, we will be migrating there.

For anyone that doesn't know where that is, you can find it here.

I'll get to making a new thread soon. Will probably be done tomorrow.

9f319 No.207814

>I have bad blood with anything relating to /animu/
How bad you got bullied?

2415d No.207817

I believe I mentioned it in this thread but they deleted all 100+ images of mine in my legs thread because I didn't use a capital letter and full stop in a sarcastic comment. Because as we all know, it's extremely important to have proper grammar and if you don't well fucking see you later dickhead perma ban.
Also half of that shithole on 8ch were trannies.

d9cb8 No.207869

God bless. Fuck feds.

d9cb8 No.207870

You sure you aren’t thinking of smug /a/? They’re infamous fags there. Animu was made in rebellion of that shit

2415d No.207874

Maybe I am then, not too sure. It was quite a while ago.

1d5aa No.207879


That's /a/

9ef22 No.208015

File: 1580525589119.png (2.65 MB, 1447x2047, 79165520_p0.png)

Making new thread now. It'll take a few hours.

6f76c No.208027

File: 1580530913155.jpg (145.18 KB, 423x631, d37.jpg)

I appreciate everything you do.

9ef22 No.208039

File: 1580537265995.png (1.68 MB, 1120x1200, 67936445_p0.png)

New thread on Julay /v/. I'm making the threads here until further notice. If that doesn't work out, then I'm moving to Prolikewoah /animu/.

The thanks is appreciated.

36737 No.208041


9ef22 No.208042

File: 1580538027538.jpg (156.3 KB, 1240x1240, 28d1389c330b5852b6555189ac….jpg)

Have a good one anon.

36737 No.208043

Thanks you too. I will miss the NTR shitstorms and the themed images you select for OP and followups.

fd2b8 No.208316

Not enough, Bro.

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